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    Leaders in the field of water treatment

    ACCIONA's activity is focused on supplying water to the people. Our Agua business division is a water treatment industry front-runner offering the design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment plants, desalination facilities, wastewater treatment plants and tertiary treatment plants for water reuse.

    ACCIONA also offers end-to-end service management covering each step of the water treatment process, making water fit for human consumption, delivering it to inhabitants, treating urban and industrial wastewater, and billing end-users.

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    Desalination consists of a series of processes to remove part or all salt and other minerals from seawater or brackish water to transform it into suitable for irrigation or drinking purposes. The desalination process is carried out in a water desalination plant, also known as Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO).

    ACCIONA is leader in Reverse Osmosis sea - and brackish-water desalination. Its broad experience covers the entire project life-cycle: design, build, commission, and O&M.

    More than 80 desalination plants, producing a total of over 4.1 million m3/d, supplying more than 22 million people

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    ACCIONA Agua is a leader in Reverse Osmosis sea- and brackish-water desalination. Its broad experience covers the entire project life-cycle: design, build, commission, and O&M. - See more at:


    The wastewater treatment or purification consists of a series of processes that remove or reduce the physical, chemical and biological contaminants from water coming from public use to achieve the quality and quantity required characteristics. The process is carried out in a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

    ACCIONA delivers efficient wastewater treatment solutions at minimum installation costs. The company runs more than 300 plants with a total capacity of more than 15 million m3/d that meet the needs of a population of more than 57 million inhabitants.

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    Drinking water treatment

    Drinking water treatment

    The drinking-water treatment or purification process consists of a series of actions to treat the water in order to make it suitable for human consumption. The process is carried out in a Water Purification Plant.

    ACCIONA offers a range of innovative solutions designed to overcome the problems involved in drinking-water treatment. It has built 102 plants in all, with a total capacity of more than 8.5 million m3/d enough to satisfy the water needs of 31 million people.

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    Operation & Maintenance

    Operation & Maintenance

    ACCIONA runs WWTPs and DWTPs with its sights set on optimizing all aspects of the treatment by applying cutting-edge technology, minimizing energy costs, carrying out ongoing tests to monitor water quality, and efficiently managing the sludge, waste and byproducts generated by the treatment processes.

    ACCIONA applies a policy of sustainability in the operation and maintenance of its facilities, for example by minimising the emissions of odours and noise, reducing energy consumption and reusing effluent water in the preparation processes for reagents.

    End-to-end services for populations

    End-to-end services for populations

    ACCIONA has been ensuring the correct management of the integrated water cycle for more than 30 years now, and it has achieved the perfect combination of top quality water supply and maximum respect for the environment.

    The complete water cycle starts with the collection of untreated water, followed by treatment at a wastewater treatment plant that results in clean water, maintenance and control of the water tanks, management of distribution networks, and the subsequent distribution to the population. In addition, the water is constantly analyzed for quality conditions at our laboratories and thus guaranteeing higher quality to the end user.

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