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We are a global group that develops and manages sustainable infrastructure solutions, especially in renewable energy. Our business spans the entire value chain, from design and construction through to operation and maintenance.

Our goal is to lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy, bringing technical excellence and innovation to all of our projects to design a better planet. We are committed to contributing to the economic and social development of the communities in which we operate.

At ACCIONA we are championing a different way of doing business that promotes the welfare of society and the planet, going beyond economic interests. We invest in sustainable projects that make the world a better place.


    Our dream of making the planet a better place motivates us every day to work towards creating sustainable solutions to the major challenges that will shape humanity's future relationship with the Earth.Discover our solutions

    2020 Integrated Annual Report

    ACCIONA's Sustainability Master Plan 2025 sets out its goal of both doubling the positive impact of its activities and becoming a recognised leader in the development of basic infrastructure assets with the added value of putting people and the planet at the centre, in short, regenerative infrastructure.

    ACCIONA posts €148 million net profit (+565.7%)

    Corporate29 Jul 2021

    ACCIONA posted a net profit of €148 million in the first half of 2021 (+565.7%) thanks to a stron...

    ACCIONA Energía posts €153 million net profit (+91.4%)

    Energy28 Jul 2021

    Revenues: €3.04 billion (-14.8%), reflecting the impact of the crisis on the price of energy in S...

    ACCIONA Energía and SSE Renewables to explore offshore wind opportunities in Poland

    Energy27 Jul 2021

    The creation of the Polish joint venture follows the announcement earlier this year that ACCIONA ...

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    Our projects from another point of view

    One less obstacle in the feat of the salmon

    ACCIONA has installed a lift for salmon in the Nansa River, allowing them to pass the 20-metre barrier that previously prevented them from continuing upstream to the spawning area.

    Our projects from another point of view

    Circular cities: The 360-degree turn the planet needs

    And no, it's not a misprint. We don't want a 180-degree turn. The purpose of this article is not to turn our backs on the problem or turn the situation around, but to connect life in cities in a continuous cycle.

    Our projects from another point of view

    Water as a source of development

    acciona.org works to make simple changes to communities around the world for a better life. At acciona.org we facilitate access to safe drinking water and sanitation, in an affordable and sustainable way for developing communities.

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