I'MNOVATION #Startups Program

An increasingly international program based on collaboration that seeks to promote the development of the selected startups, scaleups and spin offs through a team of experts and professionals from ACCIONA's business areas.

Innovating beyond the company's structure

ACCIONA drives disruptive technologies and new businesses that help provide solutions to current and future challenges



Innovating beyond the structure of the company, working hand-in-hand with the best talent to develop innovative technologies and helping transform ACCIONA's businesses and those of our customers.

ACCIONA defends an open collaboration model to underpin the sustainability of its businesses and to enrich knowledge by assimilating external technological perspectives that promote innovation and sustainable development. All of this is part of ACCIONA's I'MNOVATION initiative, the backbone of the company's innovative and creative structure, by articulating co-creation between ACCIONA's businesses and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


    ACCIONA is driving an Open Innovation programme to accelerate innovation in the age of disruption. It is the first corporate accelerator for infrastructure and renewable energy start-ups in Spain. Through open and collaborative innovation, ACCIONA is exploring the co-creation of solutions and new sustainable value propositions within the context of the company's strategic challenges and the challenges of the company's different business units by combining internal knowledge and the capabilities provided by the best start-ups. The start-ups participating in the I'MNOVATION programme co-develop pilot projects with company experts for three months for validation in real market environments, a period during which they benefit from collaboration, mentoring and funding from ACCIONA.

    2019 HIGHLIGHTS:


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    ACCIONA is driven by innovation, the search for solutions, challenges and professional growth. ACCIONA promotes intra-entrepreneurship through a programme whose objective is to engage employees in fundamental transformation and the creation of new business models, committed to sustainable development from within the company. This initiative strengthens our employees' professional development through cross-cutting and multidisciplinary collaboration, thereby encouraging teamwork


    #Digital Innovation Hub

    Demonstrate, Transfer, share: ACCIONA's Digital Innovation Hub contributes to the development of new digital capabilities to help transform our businesses and those of our clients, based on its skill centers focused on digital technologies and their applicability to business.

    1. 3D Printing
    2. Mixed Reality
    3. Connected Things
    4. Data Science
    5. Robotics & AI
    6. Blockchain and new technologies
    7. Smart Cities

    2019 HIGHLIGHTS:

    3D Printing

    ACCIONA was a pioneer in developing large-scale concrete printing using D-Shape technology. The company used this technology to build the first 3D-printed bridge, which you can see in Alcobendas (Madrid). Ever since then, it has remained at the forefront of developing this technology.

    In 2019, it installed the world's largest freeform printer with powder bed technology in Dubai and reproduced a to-scale 3D replica of the Arch of San Pedro de las Dueñas for the Spanish National Archaeological Museum.

    Mixed reality

    ACCIONA is at the forefront of developing immersive audio-visual experiences.  In 2019, by working together with other technological and institutional partners, ACCIONA managed to help turn Cruïlla festival into the first 5G European virtual reality festival by creating a 360º immersive experience where the audience could see and experience the live concert as if it were on stage with the group. 

    Multiple use cases are being developed at the mixed-reality skill centre to support the company's digital transformation by collaborating with people thousands of miles away, without the need for physical contact.

    Connected Things

    The implementation of IoT technology to improve occupational health and safety (OHS) security in ACCIONA's business areas and the adoption as standard of the PREX expert remote prevention system are examples of success stories for the Skill Centre, which aims to connect different devices to improve the quality of life and the environment in which the company operates.

    Data Science

    Data science is being used increasingly in ACCIONA's day-to-day activity.  New demand estimate and simulation models to optimise assistance for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) at Barajas airport, predictive models for equipment failure in tunnel boring machines and data analytics for optimising desalination processes are just a few of the new developments.


    The automation of heavy construction machinery, the use of 5G technology in autonomous vehicles and underwater drones to inspect sewage outfalls and hydroelectric plants are three excellent examples of how ACCIONA uses AI and robotics across the different areas of the company.

    Blockchain and new technologies

    One of the blockchain use cases is the 2019 launch of a new blockchain platform to improve traceability in third-party procurement.  This project adds to ACCIONA's extensive experience in using blockchain.