Changing the course of history

2022 Report

At ACCIONA we seek to develop sustainable infrastructures designed to promote the regeneration of the planet and to meet the needs of society. Solutions that respond to the challenges of a development model that is running out of steam, and that will make a better future possible.

annual accounts

ACCIONA's financial statements provide relevant and useful, reliable and neutral, clear and comparable information incorporating all data necessary for decision-making. They are prepared according to Intemational Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as adopted by the European Union.

Results reports and presentations

At your fingertips, annual, half-yearly, quarterly results, financial and trading statements, annual and sustainability reports, company presentations and announcements.

Average period of payment to suppliers

Our average period for paying suppliers in Spain in 2022 was 22 days.


DBRS Morningstar has assigned ACCIONA a long-term corporate credit rating of "BBB" and a short-term rating of "R-2 (middle)".