Key Figures

Sales in 2021 totaled 8,104 million euros.

      1. Historical data of CO2e recalculated (according to the provisions of the GHG Protocol), due to the deconsolidation of Trasmediterranea’s activity from the ACCIONA group in 2018, and as a result of 2 representative consumption centers no longer being attributable to the ACCIONA group, according to agreements regarding the Energy management responsibilities and criteria for allocating emissions from publicly owned plants, consolidated under a financial control scheme, according to GHG Protocol: Corporate Standard for US Public Sector Organizations

      2. Sum of scope 1 and scope 2 (market-based) emissions

      * 2019: Net Debt incl.- IRFS16 adjustment.

      Note: 2020 restated

      Note: In FY2020 the investments made in Nordex where included in he Energy unit, while they have been now reclassified to Other Activities


      2021 Report

      In ACCIONA we implement our business model based on comprehensive and transversal solutions, that generate positive impacts on people and the planet. Our funding framework, solid and stable for our investors, makes every project that we develop an opportunity for profit, as well as a means to maximise the social and environmental productivity of the communities in which we operate.

      annual accounts

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      Average period of payment to suppliers

      Our average period for paying suppliers in Spain in 2020 was 36 days.


      DBRS Morningstar has assigned ACCIONA a long-term corporate credit rating of "BBB" and a short-term rating of "R-2 (middle)".