Working to improve the living conditions of communities without affordable, reliable access to energy, water or infrastructure



We aspire to build a world in which everyone has appropriate access to energy, water and infrastructures. Our mission is to bring and ensure the reliability and affordability of those basic services for underserved population to improve their living conditions.

The sustainable development must be for everyone. With this conviction, our foundation, acciona.org, favors the development of rural population -in poverty or extreme poverty condition- by providing energy, water & sanitation services, which are related with the ACCIONA businesses, having the support of its volunteers’ experience and knowledge. We do it with the aim of promoting the progress of the most underserved communities, contributing thus to the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Sustainable Development Goal 7

SDGs we contribute to directly

Affordable, reliable and sustainable energy

Through acciona.org, we provide access to clean and safe electricity and cooking basic services to communities without prospects of having it or in difficulty with paying theses services. To do so, we provide solar photovoltaic systems and improved cookstoves so that they are affordable to users.

Sustainable Development Goal 6

SDGs we contribute to directly


Through acciona.org, we provide and improve the access to safe drinking water and sanitation that is affordable and sustainable for developing communities. To do so, we seek the most appropriate technological and managerial solutions according to their needs, natural resources, climatology, socioeconomic conditions, etc.

Global figures that give us motivation

11 %

of the population lacks access to safe drinking water

18 %

of the population has to travel to access drinking water

30 %

of the population does not have proper sanitation facilities

15.5 %

of the population does not have access to electricity

13 %

of the population has access to electricity without guaranteed service

40 %

of the population cooks with firewood, charcoal, manure or coal



acciona.org has an innovative approach to the development cooperation actions in which the long-term commitment is the key.



Visit to some communities benefited with the acciona.org initiatives to be witness of how improving the life of people is possible respecting their identity and environment.


Water as a source of development

acciona.org works to make simple changes to communities around the world for a better life. At acciona.org we facilitate access to safe drinking water and sanitation, in an affordable and sustainable way for developing communities.


Light journeys to the heart of Amazonia

The acciona.org Foundation is taking clean electricity service to remote and difficulty-accessed communities of the Peruvian Amazonia.

Creation of the Foundation

Originally under the name of ACCIONA Microenergía, the foundation was created with the aim of channeling ACCIONA’s social action into access to basic services in developing communities. As a corporate foundation, it works in the company’s strategic lines, focusing on those aspects impacting directly on the human development. acciona.org provides, ensures and improves the access to energy, water & sanitation, as well as it sensitizes the society to both the problem of the lack of those services and the positive impact of getting access to them for the economy, education, health or work of the most underserved communities.


The Luz en Casa (Light at Home) initiative was launched in Cajamarca, the department with the highest rates of poverty and lack of electricity in Peru. Five years later ,it achieved its breakeven point and, thus, its objective of demonstrating that, with an adequate delivery model based on solar home systems, it is possible to bring basic electricity services to low-income households in isolated and dispersed rural communities. Luz en Casa is also developed in Loreto, in the Peruvian Amazonia, and Cuzco. The success of Luz en Casa derived in starting later a rural water & sanitation initiative called Agua en Casa (Water at Home) in Ica.


The Luz en Casa Oaxaca programme starts, in partnership with the Government of Oaxaca, AECID –the Spanish Agency for Development– and its counterpart AMEXCID, with the aim of improving the living conditions of the most remote rural households by supplying them basic electricity services. Later, this initiative is expanded, on one hand, with the EncASa Oaxaca programme to also offer access to safe drinking water, appropriate sanitation and improved cookstoves through systems the users choose in a catalogue of eco technologies and then construct and on the other and, in new areas such as San Luis Potosi.


A project for providing access to energy in refugee camps in Shire (Ethiopia) was launched, in partnership with AECID, the Technical University of Madrid, other Spanish companies and the collaboration of UNHCR, in which acciona.org analysed the feasibility of generating biogas for cooking. This initiative continues with the “Alianza Shire. Access to energy for refugees and host communities” project, co founded by the European Union, in the area of Dollo Ado, in which acciona.org develops a home electricity service model which started to be implemented in 2023.


Luz en Casa is adapted to the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous region, which has the lowest rate of development in Panama. Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé–implemented together with partners and co funders, such as AECID, European Union or Senacyt -Panama Innovation, Technology and Science National Secretary-, and in coordination with administrative, traditional and community authorities, as well as the Rural Electrification Bureau, provides underserved households with access to the electricity service, which alleviates their condition of poverty through economic savings and favor their productive, educative, domestic or recreational activities.


Starting up of the activity in the country to bring and ensure the access to energy, water & sanitation in the most remote communities. Luz en Casa is adapted to the Chilean household features, especially to those in the Coquimbo region where about 3,000 homes are estimated of being off grid, by considering a technology meeting their power demand and adapting the maintenance fee management to the new available channels. Since 2023, it also develops projects to improve the infrastructure and the management of rural water & sanitation systems.


acciona.org promotes a pioneer initiative to contribute to the reduction of the energy poverty, through collective self-consumption in the modality of surplus with compensation within the existing Spain electricity energy self-consumption regulation. With this aim, it collaborates with municipalities to build solar photovoltaic stations that generates energy destined to reduce the electricity bill of vulnerable households, as well as to reduce the carbon footprint of the municipal facilities.


Light at Home is adapted to the Philippine-island rural communities, especially to those in the Palawan province, where the ratio of un-electrified communities is significative and so they use some energy elements such as pollutant diesel generators, which are expensive of operating too, or solar kits which do not meet the power demand and have not an appropriate maintenance. acciona.org brings the electricity service to those communities through solar home systems together with partners and co funders such as Ayala Foundation and AECID.


The actions by acciona.org impact the three dimensions of Development (economic, social and environmental) reflected in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, the UN Plan of Action for People, the Planet and Prosperity by 2030.

Our contribution to the ODS

acciona.org now provides energy and water in remote areas to 120,000 people (+30%)

18 Mar 2024

acciona.org ended the year present in 1,317 communities

acciona.org, AECID & Ayala foundation to deploy clean energy access in Philippines

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The Light at Home Palawan project will provide electricity to around 5,000 people in 1,2...

acciona.org supplies electricity to remote areas of Chilean Andes

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Providing access to electricity to more than 400 households in remote areas of the mountain range...