Iberostar Group signs first green hydrogen deal in Spanish tourism sector with ACCIONA Energía and Enagás

Energy18 Oct 2021

The clean hydrogen will be produced at Spain’s first renewable hydrogen plant

ACCIONA closes financing of Fargo-Moorhead river diversion for US$1.14 billion

Transport14 Oct 2021

The infrastructure project is the first green finance initiative in the US specifically designed ...

ACCIONA named global leader for diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Social11 Oct 2021

ACCIONA is the only construction and engineering group worldwide to be included in Refinitiv’s in...

acciona.org contributes to reducing energy poverty in San Juan del Puerto (Huelva)

Energy8 Oct 2021

The installation features a photovoltaic plant of approximately 100kW of peak power, which will b...

ACCIONA to develop its fourth wastewater treatment plant in Ecuador

Water7 Oct 2021

The ‘Los Merinos’ wastewater treatment plant will be located north of Guayaquil, the country's mo...

ACCIONA wins highway construction in northern Peru

Transport6 Oct 2021

The US$116 million (€100 million) contract involves the construction of 29.7 kilometers of dual h...

The world's largest caisson dock arrives at the outer port of A Coruña

Transport8 Oct 2021
The Kugira, owned by ACCIONA, will build in A Coruña six concrete caissons for one of its clients. I...

Education, work and health, three pillars of the social initiatives of ACCIONA Energía in 2021

Energy30 Sep 2021
ACCIONA Energía’s contribution to the SDG is focused on promoting quality education, work and health...

Vote for ACCIONA’s entry in the ACEX Awards 2021!

Transport29 Sep 2021
ACCIONA, through its Infrastructure Maintenance area, has submitted an improved version of its Vehic...

Our projects from another point of view

David Pocock joins us in the fight against climate change in Australia

Rugby star David Pocock joins us to learn about climate change in Australia and what we can do to mitigate its impacts.

Our projects from another point of view

Quito prepares its first metro line

A project will serve more than 400,000 people each day and has 15 stations connecting neighbourhoods in the north and south of the city in just 34 minutes.

Our projects from another point of view

To the (modern, sustainable and durable) lighthouse

ACCIONA has installed the world’s first maritime lighthouse built entirely from composite materials and self-sufficient in energy from renewable sources

The latest news about sustainability

A climate ticket to promote sustainable mobility

This article will discuss Austria's single public transport ticket and other measures aiming to reduce the impact of transport on climate change

The latest news about sustainability

The environmental impact of non-renewable energies: climate change and more

The global temperature rise is just one of the environmental impacts of non-renewable energies on the planet

The latest news about sustainability

Sustainable regeneration is the only way to make things right with the planet

Sustainability is key in the fight against climate change, but the planet needs us to go one step further: We must replenish and restore its resources. Let us explain what sustainable regeneration is.

The latest news about innovation

4 Biological Scientific Breakthroughs for a More Sustainable World

Proteins produced through bacteria or bioplastics are some examples of the latest biological advances achieved by scientists.

The latest news about innovation

Biomimicry: Cacti Teach Us How to Pull Water Out of Thin Air

A researcher has imitated the structures of their spines to create a new nanomaterial that enables drinking water to be obtained without electricity.

The latest news about innovation

What Is Sustainable Regeneration and Which Projects Have the Greatest Impact?

Sustainable regeneration focuses on active ecosystem recovery rather than mere damage mitigation.

The latest in People

Have you heard of the Swedish secret to achieving work-life balance?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that a country like Sweden, with barely 10 million inhabitants, has launched so many successful multinationals into the world? Ikea, H&M, Skype? The truth is that it is no coincidence. The Swedes have their own way of understanding organizational culture and leadership: the Lagom method. A methodology... View Article

It’s called Lagom ,and it has a lot to teach us about work efficiency and work-life balance.

The latest in People

Teleworking or face-to-face? The hybrid model brings out the best of both worlds

The hardest months of the pandemic and of confinement taught many companies a valuable lesson: the performance of their employees, despite the added difficulties of a family confinement and with uncertainty and worry as a social context, continued to be excellent even when working from home. At least this was the general trend, with some... View Article

Beyond teleworking, the hybrid mode of working is becoming the preferred option for employees and companies.

The latest in People

Involved father, stigmatized professional?

There have always been fathers involved in the upbringing of their children. However, there are many elements that seem to confirm that we’re facing a new fatherhood that is more emotionally and practically involved than a few decades ago. This new model of fatherhood has provoked genuine interest in the scientific, political and media fields,... View Article

A company’s organizational culture can also be defined by how it favors certain types of fatherhood


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RT @sciencetargets: It is only by taking decisive climate action that we will be able to ensure a habitable planet for humanity. Companie…


🚰Potable water, well managed, is vital for reducing poverty. Discover how we built a water treatment plant to suppl… https://t.co/7YVeZXT49B

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