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ACCIONA Energía, the largest independent 100% renewable energy retailer in Spain in 2021

Energy17 May 2022

Represents more than 9% of the total certified renewable supply in the entire Spanish market.

ACCIONA wins Palma de Mallorca airport renovation works

Transport11 May 2022

Renovation works on Module A and the Son Sant Joan Airport Terminal in Palma de Mallorca

ACCIONA Energía starts building Australia’s largest wind farm (1,026MW)

Energy9 May 2022

The company’s largest wind farm in the world

Nearly 1,000 more trees planted in Madrid to improve positive impact of 2021 ACCIONA Open de España

Corporate4 May 2022

ACCIONA ‘Emissions Under Par’ Award has completed the planting of 1,000 trees.

Sustainability for All, ACCIONA's content website, winner of the Green Awards

Corporate29 Apr 2022

Best project in the COMMUNICATION category, is the only award-winning project in Spain

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ACCIONA operates a tower crane based on a portable zero-emission electricity generator based on hydrogen

Transport17 May 2022
This milestone took place in the construction work for the Norte III Penitentiary Complex in Zubieta...

ACCIONA, recognised as “Sustainable Transport Contractor” for the extension of the Dubai Metro

Transport11 May 2022
The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) has recognised the major contribution of this proje...

A personal take on our projects

Sustainable regeneration: the art of improving without altering

Below we look at some of the communities that have benefited from the energy, water and sanitation programs of the foundation - and can testify that the lives of people are being improved while as far as possible respecting their identities and the surroundings they live in.

A personal take on our projects

New bridge over legendary Pacific route

Today, Cebu city home to an incredible engineering work which is once more putting the Philippines on the map, and the route to progress and improved communications. That is, the Cebu bridge built by ACCIONA.

A personal take on our projects

The thread that binds us

We’re all connected by an unbreakable red thread. So are the solutions to the main challenges humanity faces.

The latest on sustainability

Droughts are increasingly common and last longer due to climate change

Droughts worldwide are worsening due to climate change. The countries of the Horn of Africa suffer deadly famines due to water shortage.

The latest on sustainability

Lessons from sustainable regeneration: the generous and intelligent life of plants

Understanding the capacity of plants to adapt, and the positive impact they generate in their environment, will help us embark on the sustainable regeneration the planet needs

The latest on sustainability

Renewable energies, the big bet against energy dependence

Renewable energies are presented as one of the keys to guaranteeing energy supply and reducing dependence on third countries, achieving price stability, more local wealth and more jobs than any fossil alternative.

The latest on innovation

Nanorobots Give a Helping Hand for Wastewater Cleanup

The new generation of nanorobots offers applications such as trapping toxic molecules employing polymer "hands" while powered by magnetic fields.

The latest on innovation

This Wearable Technology Will Help Wheelchair Users

A wearable technology prototype will allow wheelchairs and electronic devices to be operated with simple facial gestures.

The latest on innovation

Sounds Good: Removing Microplastics from Water with Ultrasounds

Indonesian scientists have developed a new technology capable of filtering microplastics with underwater sound waves.


Rethinking workspaces and why the office can no longer go back to what it used to be

Big changes do not just happen. They are usually driven by the need to adapt to unexpected situations. Particularly when that situation comes suddenly. It affects the world as a whole and impacts on people’s health, workspace, global economy and safety. Yes, we’re talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has arrived to disrupt what... View Article

Businesses are committed to new dynamic and sustainable workspaces, increasingly geared towards improving productivity, cooperation and employee well-being.


Organisations as enablers of Human Flourishing

Happiness is surely the most precious good. Aristotle said it is the supreme good. We find the word happiness in bookshops, in advertisements for soft drinks and holidays, in schools, in workshops and seminars, and more recently in organisations. We want to be happy, and as far as possible, to make others happy. However, there’s... View Article

In recent years, the concept of Human Flourishing has expanded to go beyond happiness or satisfaction with life.


Strategies and proposals for promoting gender equality in the workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised new barriers to inclusive and prosperous societies. Pre-existing inequalities have widened during the months of this crisis, intensifying asymmetries between men and women both at home and in the office. As The World Economic Forum’s GlobalGenderGapReport2021 highlights, it would still take 135.6 years to close the gender gap worldwide. However,... View Article

Companies have the power to break the glass ceiling in the professional sphere and to fight against the barriers that women still face in society in general.


#GH2Assembly @AccionaEnergia's CEO @rmateoalcala on benefits of green hydrogen, the only kind of hydrogen that's tr…


RT @eiriartem: @ACCIONA_EN has achieved a world milestone in the construction sector by operating a tower crane with a portable zero-emissi…


RT @ALEJAND78010925: .@ACCIONA_EN has achieved a world milestone in the construction sector by operating a tower crane with a portable zero…


We have achieved a world milestone in the construction sector by operating a tower crane with a portable zero-emiss…


RT @AccionaEnergia: We provide 100% renewable energy to companies and institutions around the world, backed by our 11,200MW of installed ca…


Good news for @ACCIONAEnergia! It was the largest independent 100% renewable energy retailer in Spain in 2021, supp…