ACCIONA Energía secures EU funding for solar powered irrigation

Energy21 Sep 2021

The project promises to deliver a triple win to irrigation communities in Ebro basin.

ACCIONA to construct the runway for Sydney’s new airport

Transport17 Sep 2021

The project will provide a significant boost to employment in Western Sydney

The ACCIONA | SAINZ XE team takes its first Extreme E podium at Greenland

Corporate29 Aug 2021

The Spanish team reached the podium for the first time, making this its best X Prix out of the th...

The ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team takes on the meltic Arctic in Greenland

Corporate26 Aug 2021

This race, named the Arctic X Prix, is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the Extreme E se...

DBRS assings investment grade credit rating to ACCIONA Energía

Energy26 Aug 2021

The rating falls within the "investment grade" category, reflecting "adequate credit quality" to ...

Fitch assigns investment grade rating to ACCIONA Energía

Energy26 Aug 2021

The rating falls within the "investment grade" category, reflecting "adequate credit quality" to ...

ACCIONA begins work on the Malolos-Clark railway line for the DOTr

Transport20 Sep 2021
Representatives of the client, ACCIONA, the local government of Pampanga, the Japanese Embassy, the ...

ACCIONA sponsors the leading public-private partnership conference in Dallas (USA)

Transport16 Sep 2021
The event, held from 13 to 15 September, brought together public sector institutions and representat...

Our projects from another point of view

Quito prepares its first metro line

A project will serve more than 400,000 people each day and has 15 stations connecting neighbourhoods in the north and south of the city in just 34 minutes.

Our projects from another point of view

To the (modern, sustainable and durable) lighthouse

ACCIONA has installed the world’s first maritime lighthouse built entirely from composite materials and self-sufficient in energy from renewable sources

Our projects from another point of view

Into the future with composites

Building infrastructure from composites or sustainable materials is one of the objectives of ACCIONA.

The latest news about sustainability

Methane is the second most dangerous greenhouse gas

Experts are clear: Reducing methane emissions is one of the most efficient strategies to combat global warming

The latest news about sustainability

Regenerative tourism: discovering the world sustainably

A kind of tourism that values sustainability over everything else is possible. We'll tell you how to make the world a better place while travelling.

The latest news about sustainability

Climate change, floods and fires — what's going on?

Soaring temperatures are pushing the planet to the limit, with extreme weather events increasing and sea levels on the rise


The latest news about innovation

Will Blockchain Shake Up Finance? The Rise of Sovereign Cryptocurrencies

The SOV, a sovereign blockchain-based currency, could send shock waves across international finance

The latest news about innovation

10 Examples of How Big Data Is Changing our World

Areas as diverse as viticulture, healthcare, and the automotive industry benefit from its potential.

The latest news about innovation

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality: What they Are and Why they Are Ripe for Success

New applications of VR, augmented, and mixed reality, such as holoportation, are poised to change human communication.

The latest in People

The benefits of flexible working, the new ingredient for professional success

Flexibility in the workplace: this is the model known as hot desking. There’s no permanent place assigned to each employee, but the worker can decide the office space from which to perform their duties each day. Flexibility of entry and exit: consists basically of companies offering a range of hours for workers to choose the... View Article

Work flexibility is not something of the future. It is something of the present. And companies that are open to this model are already experiencing the benefits it brings.

The latest in People

Towards a paperless office model

We should be forever grateful to paper, and to all its predecessors, for its contribution to the advancement of humanity. The leap that society has collectively made thanks to paper is spectacular. It has allowed us to transmit knowledge, to calculate, to sell, to buy, to sketch, to record, to read, to paint, to think.... View Article

Advantages, barriers and the right way to make the paperless philosophy bring the paperless office closer to a reality in all companies.

The latest in People

How to measure a company’s organizational culture

Everything that can be measured can be improved. Any company in search of success applies this premise to any field of its organization. Calculations of results, profits, expenses… All these data are accompanied by a figure that implies a margin for improvement. But is organizational culture something that can be calculated? Yes, and it’s crucial... View Article

Measure, improve and re-evaluate. That is the path to success. That‘s why it is important to know how to measure the organizational culture of a company


RT @wbcsd: We need to change how we build our #cities to successfully respond to #climate change, #nature loss and growing #inequality. Exp…


The smart, zero-emissions irrigation systems will save water consumption, lower energy costs, and eliminate the car…


RT @wbcsd: The built environment accounts for ca. 40% of global #carbon emissions and produces 40% of all #waste. Explore our case studies…


This new railway line, one of the key infrastructures for mobility in the Metro Manila area 🇵🇭, will reduce the jou…


Do you know we broke the world #drillingrecord during the construction of the Quito Metro? 🚇 The highest ever produ…


RT @WMBtweets: "Through The #ClimatePledge we are working with other corporate leaders to reimagine infrastructure." 📢 @JLBlasco_me @A

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