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“ACCIONA Energía is committed to long-term growth, preserving financial strength”

Energy6 Jun 2024

ACCIONA Energia has held today its General Shareholders' Meeting

José Manuel Entrecanales ranks as “Spain’s most highly valued CEO”

Corporate4 Jun 2024

Entrecanales earned the highest score among Spanish CEOs

Javier Vallhonrat launches ‘Fieldnotes’, a PhotoESPAÑA exhibition promoted by ACCIONA and Spain’s National Heritage Agency

Corporate4 Jun 2024

‘Fieldnotes’, shows the relationship between nature and the fountains’ 300-year-old hydraulic sys...

ACCIONA and Tristan’s office complex in Barcelona’s 22@ district now 80% occupied

Real-estate3 Jun 2024

The Selva de Mar Business Campus consists of four high-end office buildings

ACCIONA to rehabilitate Porto airport runway

Transport31 May 2024

The rehabilitation of the runway at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto (Portugal) was awarded...

ACCIONA Energía leads a project to boost tourism in the Cerrato area of Palencia, Spain

Energy31 May 2024

ACCIONA Energía presented today its ‘Discover Cerrato Palentino’ project

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ACCIONA participates in SOLARX, a European project to reduce energy infrastructure deficits

The project aims to address the shortcomings of current energy infrastructures

ACCIONA-led consortium to operate three desalination plants in Ibiza

Water16 May 2024
The €14.2 million contract includes the operation and maintenance of desalination plants in Ibiza To...

ACCIONA, the first spanish company to acquire a hydrogen-based zero-emission genset to decarbonize its construction sites

ACCIONA the first Spanish construction company to use this type of zero-emissions technology on a co...

A personal take on our projects

Tapping into the sea’s potential to provide islands with sustainable drinking water

Islands rank among the regions hit hardest by climate change and water stress. However, as evidenced by the success story of the Canary Islands, desalination technologies offer a promising solution to mitigate the drinking water shortage.

A personal take on our projects

How 23 wind turbines conquered their epic Peruvian desert journey

Transporting the San Juan de Marcona wind farm components from the Peruvian port of Paracas to its site 150 miles south in the province of Nazca has been a veritable logistical feat. Read on to learn how we did it.

A personal take on our projects

Solar-powered irrigation: a new partnership between farming and the Sun

ACCIONA Energía has installed the world’s biggest irrigation system to be powered by a solar plant without batteries in Montesusin (Aragon, Spain).

The latest on sustainability

World Oceans Day 2024: awakening new depths

World Oceans Day is being celebrated on 8 June with the aim of raising awareness of the importance marine environments have on our lives.

The latest on sustainability

Evolution of climate change: where are we at, and where are we going?

A detailed analysis of climate change progress, extreme weather phenomena and global action to reduce CO2 emissions.

The latest on sustainability

Water reuse technologies, an ally in the battle against emerging contaminants (ECs)

Biological effects and the consequences of emerging contaminants (ECs) on ecosystems can be mitigated through water treatment.

The latest on innovation

AI Meets Sustainability: Eight Game-Changing Innovations for a Greener Future

Managing agricultural irrigation or monitoring biodiversity are examples of the intersection between artificial intelligence and sustainability.

The latest on innovation

This "Water Lily" Will Bring Floating Photovoltaics to the Sea

An innovative membrane technology, tested in the Sierra Brava reservoir, paves the way for floating photovoltaics in marine environments.

The latest on innovation

AI Reveals Complex Language Patterns in Sperm Whales

Scientists at MIT have turned to AI to understand the language of sperm whales and discovered complex human-like communication systems.


Aesthetics of workspaces as a source of inspiration

Beauty is a quality that attracts us and delights our senses. Whether it is a dazzling landscape, the expressive face of a person or the delicate shape of a ceramic plate, beauty manifests itself in many forms. Coming from the Greek “Kalia” (beautiful), the concept of beauty implies an inner order that is pleasing to... View Article

We reflect on how a visually stimulating environment can boost creativity and efficiency within your company.


Maslow’s pyramid: a theory in search of professional and personal fulfilment

Our motivations, both those that have to do with personal issues and professional development, are divided into levels. But in order to desire high goals, there are certain vital needs that we should first have covered. When, for example, we enjoy a safe working environment where we feel confident, we can aspire to more ambitious... View Article

We discuss Maslow’s Pyramid theory in the workplace and how understanding people’s motivations and needs can help to enhance their professional and personal development.


Sushana Karki: “Our projects place great importance on the sentiments of the community and the history of the area.”

Geospatial manager at ACCIONA Energía Australia. Trained as a plant scientist, she carried her environmental concerns and curiosity into her current role, where she provides GIS input in planning, developing, and constructing renewable energy plants.   From a young age, Sushana Karki was accustomed to seeing the world from high above, almost as if from... View Article

Geospatial manager at ACCIONA Energía in Australia. Trained as a plant scientist, she carried her environmental concerns and curiosity into her current role, where she provides GIS input in planning, developing, and constructing renewable energy plants.

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