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Madrid-Asturias High-Speed Railway’s Pajares Bypass is inaugurated

Transport29 Nov 2023

ACCIONA used an innovative cladding system based on composite materials

ACCIONA renews its motosharing fleet in Madrid and Barcelona

Social27 Nov 2023

The end user always has a charged battery

ACCIONA Energía ranked world’s greenest utility for ninth consecutive year

Energy21 Nov 2023

ACCIONA Energía has been ranked the world’s "greenest" power generation company for ninth year in..., AECID & Ayala foundation to deploy clean energy access in Philippines

Social20 Nov 2023

The Light at Home Palawan project will provide electricity to around 5,000 people in 1,2...

ACCIONA to build pioneering wind blade recycling plant in Navarra

Energy15 Nov 2023

ACCIONA, ACCIONA Energía and RenerCycle announced today the construction of Waste2Fiber supplies electricity to remote areas of Chilean Andes

Social14 Nov 2023

Providing access to electricity to more than 400 households in remote areas of the mountain range...

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ACCIONA introduces bioclimatic and bio-construction technologies in the new Regional Government of Galica (Xunta de Galicia) complex

Thermo-active building systems (TABS), combined with geothermal energy, will reduce the environmenta...

ACCIONA boosts Mostostal Warszawa’s renewable energy supply with its decarbonization fund

ACCIONA finances a photovoltaic plant for own use at the Urzut Equipment and Transport base.

ACCIONA uses new energy storage system to reduce emissions during construction of a hospital in Alentejo, Portugal

The company has incorporated an innovative energy storage system that allows it to power a tower cra...


3D Printing: Elevating Urban Furniture and Creating Distinctive Spaces

A futuristic bench almost unattainable for traditional techniques created for the Puerta Barqueta real estate development in Seville confirms the potential of architectural 3D printing.

The latest on sustainability

Already breathing cleaner air due to falling fossil fuel use

The energy transition is now saving over 200,000 lives a year thanks to falling use of coal and subsequent air pollution, a study confirms.

The latest on sustainability

COP28, a summit to enact the Paris Agreement

The world is getting ready for a new climate summit, COP28, to be held in Dubai. Find out why this event is vital for our and the planet’s future.

The latest on sustainability

Think of cities as part of nature: a new perspective for urban development

Imagining cities as living systems which evolve with nature and people, could be the best strategy for designing solutions to combat climate change.

The latest on innovation

OTEC's Resurgence: Renewable Energy from the Deep

A 1.5 MW power plant showcases the promising potential of thermal gradient energy in the realm of renewables.

The latest on innovation

Smart Textiles Enable Shape-Shifting Garments

Next-gen clothing adjusts to temperature changes, shrinking for enhanced insulation against the cold.

The latest on innovation

Agrovoltaic Energy: Bridging the Gap Between Solar and Agricultural Farms

The intersection of renewable energy with agricultural practices has given rise to agrovoltaic energy, poised to revolutionize sustainable crops in the 21st century.


In search of happiness: is it possible to find it in the workplace?

Is it possible to enjoy something that takes up a third of our day and which we do out of necessity? In other words, is it possible to be happy at work? It seems so – more on that later. On the opposite side, unhappiness at work makes people perform worse, become more tired and... View Article

Workplace unhappiness is a problem that goes beyond personal fulfilment or the tedium of routine. It affects performance, organisational results and talent retention.


A world where we all understand each other: inclusion of deaf people in the labour market

When Grey’s Anatomy cast a deaf character, Dr Lauren Riley, it taught millions of viewers at least two things about deaf inclusion. Firstly, it underlined that inclusion is fundamental to avoid the marginalisation of any individual, thus preventing organisations from losing great talent. Secondly, it stressed the importance of building an accessible and welcoming work... View Article

What if silence could be a bridge to new forms of communication? Find out how the inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing people can be an opportunity for organisations.


The emotional weight of leadership: how does bad mood affect work?

Your boss has got up on the wrong side of the bed and, although he hasn’t said anything to you yet, you can feel it in the air. The atmosphere feels tense and heavy, and everyone seems to be taking extra care not to say or do anything that could make the situation worse. People... View Article

There are days when, for whatever reason, you come to work in a lower spirit than usual. We discuss how negative emotions can affect the performance of others.

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