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ILO selects as innovative role model for Fair Energy Transition

The Light at Home Ngäbe-Buglé program was one of three winners of the Innovation Challen...

"ACCIONA Energía is a financially sound company with the best prospects and a growing global presence"

Energy1 Jun 2023

"ACCIONA Energía is today a financially stronger company, with better growth prospects, with bett...

Silence opens its first store in Brussels

Cities12 May 2023

Silence closed 2022 as European leader in the sale of electric motorcycles

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team faces new Extreme E Prix in Scotland as co-leader

Corporate11 May 2023

The ACCIONA team starts as co-leader after an event in NEOM, Saudi Arabia

Silence presents its range of vehicles and services at ‘Automobile Barcelona’

Cities11 May 2023

The two-seater model leads to the urban mobility of the future, as it is comfortable, safe, susta...

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The south TBM of São Paulo Metro Line 6 arrives at SESC-Pompeia station

Transport1 Jun 2023
Has allowed the connection of this station with other shafts and stations belonging to the line

ACCIONA sponsors Asia Pacific Rail Congress in Bangkok

Transport30 May 2023
During the congress, which will be held from May 31 to June 2, the company will have a stand where i...

ACCIONA and partner complete breakthroughs at second Broadway Subway Project Station

Transport29 May 2023
ACCIONA and joint venture partner, Ghella, celebrate a second successful TBM breakthrough at the fut...

A personal take on our projects

Solar-powered irrigation: a new partnership between farming and the Sun

ACCIONA Energía has installed the world’s biggest irrigation system to be powered by a solar plant without batteries in Montesusin (Aragon, Spain).

A personal take on our projects foundation, or how to take clean water and energy where no one goes

The ACCIONA foundation,, has spent the past 15 years applying a new vision of cooperation, prioritizing relations in the communities where it works and the vocation of permanent service

A personal take on our projects

Building Brazil’s largest infrastructure with women’s hands

Line 6 of the Sao Paulo Metro is the largest infrastructure project currently under development in Latin America. Seventy percent of its segment factory's workers are women. Learn all the details about this colossal project.

The latest on sustainability

Regenerative infrastructures to mitigate the effects of climate change

Cities around the world are looking for ways to build regenerative infrastructures in response to the consequences of the climate crisis

The latest on sustainability

The silent death of the world’s languages, another consequence of climate change

Climate change leaves us speechless, literally. Around 90% of all languages will disappear over the next 100 years

The latest on sustainability

Electric mobility is driving the market. Is now the time for an electric car?

The advantages of the electric car make it an increasingly attractive option for more people. Is this the moment to make the switch to electric mobility? 

The latest on innovation

How Virtual Art Will Protect Afghan Cultural Heritage

A virtual art project developed by MIT combines drones and 3D imaging to enable the exploration of Afghanistan’s architectural gems without leaving home.

The latest on innovation

NASA’s Fast Electric Charge for EVs: 5 Minutes and Good to Go

NASA and Purdue University join forces to optimize fast charging for electric cars through extreme cooling technology.

The latest on innovation

Circular Economy: Solar Stills Go Bananas

A pioneering technology increases the efficiency of solar stills by 50 % thanks to fruit waste such as banana peels and a state-of-the-art material.


The power of kind words when practicing affirmative leadership

In the business world, leadership is a fundamental quality for the success of any organisation. But what kind of leader are you – are you an affirming leader or is your attitude the opposite? A new study looked at this question and found that the way a leader communicates with his or her team can... View Article

A study proves that employee motivation and satisfaction increase when affirmative leadership is practised. What does an empowering leader look like?


Elena Navarro: “I will never be a senior, there is always more to learn than to teach.”

Elena Navarro is a Digital Business Development & Smart Society Manager at ACCIONA. An engineer, innovator, mother, and above all, an expert in asking questions, she is fostering some of the most advanced technologies of the moment with a great objective: to make our lives easier. A simple e-mail signature can distill a philosophy of... View Article

Elena Navarro is a Digital Business Development & Smart Society Manager at ACCIONA. An engineer, innovator, mother, and above all, an expert in asking questions, she is fostering some of the most advanced technologies of the moment with a great objective: to make our lives easier.


The Power of Intrinsic Motivation in Career Goals

In a world where success is often measured in terms of tangible rewards and external recognition, there’s a secret ingredient that drives people to reach their full potential: intrinsic motivation. This powerful internal engine is the fuel that ignites passion, persistence and the desire for personal and professional growth, driving individuals and organisations to thrive... View Article

When faced with a tedious task at work, we can follow two paths: that of frustration or that of intrinsic motivation.  Let’s discuss it.

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