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ACCIONA secures €1.28 billion in financing for São Paulo's Subway Line 6

Transport4 Aug 2022

The loan is an example of sustainable financing, according to the criteria of independent ESG ass...

ACCIONA to build and operate Chilean desalination plant for mining firm Doña Ines de Collahuasi

Water2 Aug 2022

The desalination plant at the Patache Port will have an initial capacity of 1,050 liters per seco...

ACCIONA posts net profit of €201 million with a record infrastructure backlog

Corporate28 Jul 2022

ACCIONA's revenues grew solidly during the period to €5.18 billion (+45.6%), while its gross oper...

ACCIONA Energía earns €390 million and maintains investment pace in renewables

Energy27 Jul 2022

The company's profitability was underpinned by increased financial efficiency, a growing commerci...

ACCIONA Energía and FORTIA sign Spain’s largest renewable industrial PPA

Energy26 Jul 2022

ACCIONA Energía will cover the supply through its 100% renewable energy facilities in Spain

ACCIONA Energía receives top ESG score in power sector by S&P

Energy21 Jul 2022

The company reaffirms its leadership for the second year and increases its score from 86 to 87 ou...

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ACCIONA opts for the use of electrical construction machinery in its projects

Transport5 Aug 2022
ACCIONA becomes the first Spanish construction company to acquire this kind of sustainable machinery...

ACCIONA completes the renewal of the WWTP at Práceres (Pontevedra)

Water20 Jul 2022
The secondary treatment of water and sludge generated has been completed The plant has increased its...

ACCIONA to operate main Wastewater Treatment Plants in Murcia

Water19 Jul 2022
The ACCIONA-PROMED joint venture has won the lots for the facilities in Mar Menor and Vega Media (Mu...

A personal take on our projects

The gem of urban regeneration, OMBÚ

The old engine factory now functions as an innovative office building that conserves its old size as well as the outstanding architectural elements of the original. Do you want to know it?

A personal take on our projects

Falces, the idyllic town complete with wind

Wind power has brought technology and sustainability to the small Navarre town where the world-famous saxophonist Pedro Iturralde was born and they grow “best garlic in the world”

A personal take on our projects

Canfranc, the regeneration of a dream

ACCIONA's refurbishment of the emblematic Canfranc building and the creation of a new station with a new track bed is now a reality that will return the whisper of railway sleepers to a genuinely railway landscape.

The latest on sustainability

From cities that discriminate to cities for everyone: inclusive urban planning

Design of cities and towns is a powerful tool when used to exclude certain groups of people. Introducing inclusive urban planning… to correct past wrongs.

The latest on sustainability

Living in an urban heat island: what can we do about extreme heat in cities?

The urban heat island phenomenon and climate change mean that cities must adapt to extreme heat and tackle the rising temperatures. Let’s look at some examples.

The latest on sustainability

A Noah’s Ark for agriculture: the world seed bank for saving biodiversity

The icy Norwegian mountains are home to a world seed bank, a new Noah’s Ark containing a back-up of all the planet’s edible plants.

The latest on innovation

Smart Pillows: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

The new gadget can monitor sleep patterns and is battery-free, using motion-based triboelectric nanogenerators.

The latest on innovation

Nature Inspires the Next Generation of Renewable Energy Tech

Solar trees inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, wind turbines that learn from whales, or solar panels based on butterflies are some examples.

The latest on innovation

Smart Beehives Will Monitor their Colonies with AI

A new generation of beehives will take care of bees and even harvest honey automatically using solar energy.


Does gender inequality persist also in our leisure time

Two major features of modernity could be the democratisation of leisure, on the one hand, and the feeling of lack of time, on the other. The two traits seem to explain each other, since the ability to enjoy an increasingly wide range of experiences could be precisely the reason why we feel that we do... View Article

There‘s a lot of talk about how to achieve gender equality at work, but what about gender inequality in leisure?


Is collective intelligence a gender issue?

At this point, there’s little left to say about the value of diversity in work teams. Well, at the worklace and in life in general. But beyond understanding that society is made up of all kinds of people, with different skills and personal situations, what is the formula that works to form successful teams? What... View Article

Research shows that the smartest groups are not made up of the people with the highest IQs, but of diversity.


Lessons from nature: the teamwork of sequoias

No one gets so high and lasts so long at the top without having a team behind them. Do you know who I’m talking about? Hyperion, the tallest tree in the world. At 115.85 metres tall, this redwood on the west coast of the United States is an example of teamwork in nature. Few can... View Article

Sequoias are trees that are over 100 metres tall and live for hundreds of years. What is their secret? Teamwork.


Renewable energies are presented as one of the keys to guaranteeing energy supply and reducing dependence on third…


RT @jlblasco: Latest @ACCIONA_EN's results reflect that the Business as Unusual model is definitely the way to go


Green hydrogen has become a highly interesting resource driving the urgent decarbonization of the economy ⚡️🌎 Did y…


This new gadget can monitor sleep patterns and is battery-free 🛏️💤, using motion-based triboelectric #nanogenerators This is how it works 👇


RT @DiegoramiroPini: This new gadget can monitor sleep patterns and is battery-free, using motion-based triboelectric nanogenerators 🛏 http…

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