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ACCIONA to design and build Sydney’s Western Harbour Tunnel

Transport1 Dec 2022

The environment and marine biodiversity are protected

ACCIONA Energía sets up the first bi-directional charging network for electric vehicles in Spain

Energy30 Nov 2022

ACCIONA Energía has set up the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Balearic Islands project, creating the first...

ACCIONA Energía to expand the macintyre wind precinct in Australia to 2000MW

Energy28 Nov 2022

ACCIONA Energía has announced development of the Herries Range Wind Farm (1,000MW), an expansion ...

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team finishes third in Extreme E 2022 championship

Corporate27 Nov 2022

The second edition of Extreme has confirmed a paradigm shift in motor racing with three objective...

ACCIONA Energía connects young unemployed people and companies in Almendralejo

Energy24 Nov 2022

The 'Colabora Almendralejo' program is part of the Social Impact Management (GIS) plan of the pho...

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team faces last 2022 Extreme E race with winning chances

Corporate23 Nov 2022

Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz also have some winning chances in the Team Championship

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ACCIONA progresses with the construction work on the Pachacútec WWTP with the launch of the underwater pipeline

Water16 Nov 2022
Last October ACCIONA carried out the operation to launch the underwater pipeline of the Pachacútec W...

The Cebu cable-stayed bridge built by ACCIONA in the Philippines wins a prize in the CEMEX 2022 building awards

Transport11 Nov 2022
The bridge was selected as the best international infrastructure project of the year, highlighting t...

ACCIONA hands over the longest railway tunnel in the Nordics to Bane NOR

Transport11 Nov 2022
The takeover marks the end of the work, which has been going on for seven years. According to the pl...

A personal take on our projects

Sustainable regeneration: the art of improving without altering - BR

Below we look at some of the communities that have benefited from the energy, water and sanitation programs of the foundation - and can testify that the lives of people are being improved while as far as possible respecting their identities and the surroundings they live in.

A personal take on our projects

Pioneers of the wind - BR

ACCIONA Energía put the first commercial wind farms into service in Spain almost 30 years ago. The experience obtained since then has made the company one of the most trusted in the sector.

A personal take on our projects

Energy of the Istmo - Brasil versión

Thanks to this ACCIONA program to support the incorporation of female professionals on wind farms, there are more and more women engineers working in maintenance jobs at facilities in the Isthmus region of Mexico.

The latest on sustainability

COP27 creates a fund for vulnerable countries, but doesn’t address fossil fuels

COP27 did not increase the ambition to reduce the use of fossil fuels, but has created a fund to repair the damage caused by climate change

The latest on sustainability

The machinery of delay now masking as climate change denial

Climate change denial has gone from rejecting scientific evidence to dodging taking urgent measures to halt global warming

The latest on sustainability

The race to develop green hydrogen - a sustainable challenge

The race to produce green hydrogen has begun - with several world powers competing to lead the field

The latest on innovation

A Wind Harvester Could Power the Future of IoT with a Gentle Breeze

It may be low-cost and pocket-sized, but this innovative device could help power millions of IoT sensors in cities and the countryside.

The latest on innovation

Nighttime Solar Power? A New Sensor Lights the Way

An innovative technology expands the potential of solar energy to produce electricity even at night.

The latest on innovation

Weaving the Future: A Step Closer to Smart and Wireless Clothing

Researchers use metamaterials to create long-range, battery-free wireless transmitters that could revolutionize the smart clothing industry.


What is the key to organisational inclusion? The culture of learning

We know that there are certain basic aspects that companies with an inclusive organisational culture share: collaboration, mutual trust, care and so on. But these factors alone are not enough. Research by the Harvard Business Review (HBR) revealed what particularly characterised diverse and inclusive companies: a learning-oriented culture. What will I read about in this... View Article

A learning culture provides the flexibility and open-mindedness necessary for people to enjoy an inclusive work environment.


Emotional intelligence and a healthy work culture

Who wants to work in a hostile work environment where emotional intelligence and empathetic leadership are conspicuous by their absence? Toxic and unhealthy work environments provide companies with more costs than benefits. What will I read about in this article? What makes a work environment hostile? The costs of a hostile work environment How to... View Article

Lack of emotional intelligence and empathetic leadership are the perfect enemy of a healthy working environment for teams. Let´s reflect on this.


The imposter syndrome is exacerbated by teleworking – can we avoid it?

Do you ever feel that you’re occupying a place that’s not yours? It’s as if you’re fooling everyone because no one realises that this position, this promotion or this recognition is not really yours. And it seems that only you realise it. What’s happening to you has a name: imposter syndrome. And with the introduction... View Article

Ending imposter syndrome while teleworking requires more communication and positive reinforcement from leaders.


An innovative technology expands the potential of solar energy to produce electricity at night thanks to infrared r…


.@CSainz_oficial & @LaiaSanz_ summarizes the @ExtremeELive season that has just ended, in which they have competed…


RT @Imnovation: Challenges such as extreme weather conditions or the increase of traffic flow in new freight corridors contribute to the de…


Discover Europe’s biggest floating caisson-building dock, able to construct docks and quays of over 200 meters long within a month 😲 ⚓️

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