ACCIONA awarded works in Poland worth €140 million

Transport23 Jun 2021

The contract to design and construct the Opatow bypass, worth €90 million

ACCIONA connects Spain’s first renewable storage plant featuring recycled batteries

Energy22 Jun 2021

The project will analyze the performance of 130kWh of recycled electric vehicle batteries at an e...

ACCIONA to construct and operate €2.34 billion flood prevention project in US

Transport21 Jun 2021

The project will be implemented between Fargo (North Dakota) and Moorhead (Minnesota) and marks A...

ACCIONA sets the price range for ACCIONA Energía’s IPO between €26.73 and €29.76 per share

Corporate17 Jun 2021

The Board of Directors authorizes offering a minimum of 15% and a maximum of 25% of its renewable...

ACCIONA, first 100% renewable energy retailer in Spain

Energy14 Jun 2021

ACCIONA's energy retailer sold 5,292GWh of clean electricity, 10% of the total certified in 2020,...

Cerro Dominador CSP plant in Chile officially opens

EnergySocial9 Jun 2021

The plant, constructed by a consortium led by ACCIONA for the company EIG Global Energy Partners,...

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Engineering: A world of women

More than 940 engineers currently work in a range of positions for ACCIONA’s infrastructure division...

The future of tunnel technology is being used in Moss

Transport21 Jun 2021
A new technical communication solution is now being used in the construction of the double-track rai...

ACCIONA analyses Spain’s relations and opportunities with ASEAN countries in a webinar organised by the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club

The study entitled “The EU’s economic and business relations with ASEAN countries and the implicatio...

Our projects from another point of view

Circular cities: The 360-degree turn the planet needs

And no, it's not a misprint. We don't want a 180-degree turn. The purpose of this article is not to turn our backs on the problem or turn the situation around, but to connect life in cities in a continuous cycle.

Our projects from another point of view

Water as a source of development works to make simple changes to communities around the world for a better life. At we facilitate access to safe drinking water and sanitation, in an affordable and sustainable way for developing communities.

Our projects from another point of view

Light journeys to the heart of Amazonia

The Foundation is taking clean electricity to remote and difficultly-accessed areas of the Peruvian Amazon

The latest news about sustainability

Water reuse techniques

More people are sharing less and less water. This is precisely why one of the fundamental objectives for our planet is water recycling and reuse.

The latest news about sustainability

Ten questions and answers about green hydrogen

Do you still have questions about green hydrogen's potential and its role in energy transition? We have all the answers for the things that are still on your mind. 

The latest news about sustainability

Is the world ready for a 100 % renewable energy model?

We are convinced that the transition to a renewable energy model is the only way forward if we want to maintain life on the planet as we know it

The latest news about innovation

Green Hydrogen, the Renewable Energy Set to Transform Industry and Transportation

The Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca project will combine photovoltaic energy and advanced electrolysis systems to produce more than 330 tons of green hydrogen per year.

The latest news about innovation

Researchers Develop A Water Purifier that Requires No Electricity or Maintenance

The new in-line chlorine dispenser can be installed at any tap outflow in regions lacking access to safe drinking water.

The latest news about innovation

Science Tiktokers: Fun, Education, and Crazy Experiments

A new generation of MIT students is looking for innovative ways to share the latest scientific progress and encourage diversity.

The latest in People

Sharing the mental burden of the household: a new revolution

There are activities that are so invisible that they may even be invisible to the person who performs them. This is the case for the cognitive dimension of housework, one of the most successful sociological concepts of recent times. The aim of this article is to present the concept, to unmask it, and to suggest... View Article

Anticipating problems, identifying alternatives, making decisions or monitoring progress are all invisible tasks with a mental burden that, in most cases, falls on women.

The latest in People

Two-way questions on work-life balance during job interviews

All that is at stake in a professional job interview can lead to the interviewee falling prey to nerves and wasting the opportunity. Talking too much, not being specific in their answers, and even being too cautious in their replies. And in the case of the interviewer, they may make the mistake of not presenting... View Article

There are tools and techniques to overcome misgivings and mistrust when dealing with work-life balance guarantees during the process of looking for new job opportunities.

The latest in People

Gender inequality in old age: the pension of women

If the gender pay gap is worrying, the pension gap between women and men should be even more so. While wage differences are around 16% on average in the European Union according to data from the European Commission (2019), the differences in pensions widen to 35%, with the lowest difference in Estonia (3.1%) and the... View Article

The quality of life of older people also depends on their financial income, obtained through pensions after retirement. Women’s pensions are, on average, lower than those of men. The key to ending gender inequality in pensions starts in the workplace.


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Boosting our position in the 🇵🇱 Polish infrastructure market, where we have operated for more than 20 years and bec…


The upcoming #fitfor55 package is a unique opportunity to prioritise #renewablehydrogen and make Europe the global…


RT @renewableH2EU: The upcoming #fitfor55 package is a unique opportunity to prioritise #renewable #hydrogen & make Europe the global leade…


Our Energy Innovation director Belén Linares (@belenlinaresc) will be participating today at #RIDaysEU to talk abou…

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