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ACCIONA's HR policies are structured around the company’s People program, which focuses on investing in people to attract and retain talent.


At ACCIONA we count on the best professionals, people who want to design a better planet. Join us.



There are major challenges facing humanity that demand an urgent response, such as the climate emergency.

At ACCIONA, we strive every day to design mechanisms and solutions that make the planet a better place, where societies can develop thanks to a sustainable and environmentally friendly economic and cultural model.


To continue this work, we need you.

    Our people







    Reasons to work with us

    1. Our purpose

    At ACCIONA we will promote a Business as Unusual business model, through which we will design sustainable solutions to the major challenges facing the planet, such as the climate emergency, water scarcity, overpopulation and urbanisation. Carbon neutral since 2016, we want to design a better planet and lead a business paradigm shift that will promote and guarantee social and economic progress, as well as the protection of natural resources.

    2. A global company

    For over a century, we have been designing solutions to the major challenges facing each generation. With more than 40,000 committed and talented professionals of 131 nationalities, we have been able to expand our activity to more than 60 countries worldwide, boosting development in the communities where we work and raising environmental awareness.

    3. Experience in diverse sectors

    We guarantee access to renewable energy and water—ensuring such water is sustainably managed—and build resilient infrastructures for the cities of today and of the future by providing sustainable urbanisation and mobility solutions to improve people's lives.

    4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    ACCIONA understands and promotes diversity as a key competitive advantage and equity and inclusion as priority responsibilities in its people management model, which, at the same time, are essential conditions for the defence of human rights, sustainable development and achieving Agenda 2030.

    5. Safety and prevention

    For ACCIONA, preventing occupational hazards is highly important and constitutes an essential requirement for ensuring the health and safety of our professionals and collaborators. In 2021, we provided our employees with a total of 208,419 hours of occupational hazard prevention training.

    6. Professional development and training

    ACCIONA is committed to the continuous development of its professionals through comprehensive training. In 2021, we invested more than EUR 10,248,571 in training and offered our employees over 574,064 hours of courses.

    Our commitment with people, an acknowledged value

    Start your career

    Lookin for a internship or graduated recently?

    Discover ACCIONA's Graduate and internship program and develop your professional career in a company that is committed to junior talent and the fight against the climate emergency.

    A unique opportunity


    ACADEMY is an experience for young people about to finish their university studies that will give them their first contact with the professional world. If you are a person with high potential, teamwork skills and motivation to grow, we want to meet you!

    Our way of working

    ACCIONA gives priority to ethical behaviour and safety as values that identify and differentiate the company's way of working.

    • Ethical values of respect
    • Effective equality
    • Cooperation
    • Teamwork
    • Competitive working conditions

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