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ACCIONA's Business Learning Ecosystem ensures all its workers have access to training and continuous development opportunities, in line with the needs of the business.

This platform, which our professionals can access online, spreads the company's culture of sustainability, diversity, innovation and excellence. There is also access to a traditional corporate training centre, which has several classrooms and other rooms equipped with the latest technology.




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Training offered by ACCIONA

Business School

  • Focused training aimed at managers and directors, centred around project and people management. There are two training options: the M5+ programme and the Executive MBA programme.

Technical schools

  • These training spaces boost the productivity, technical excellence, specialisation and internationalisation of ACCIONA's professionals, making them highly skilled. Each itinerary covers specialities and subspecialities.

Skills development centre

  • Designed to foster the skills associated with each person's role in the company. These courses include videos from experts and learning modules.

Sustainability training

  • This covers issues such human impact on the environment, business sustainability and future trends in sustainable development. We have also designed specific programs on climate change and human rights.

Diversity training

  • It encompasses a series of high-impact programs that aim to raise awareness among employees that equal opportunity begins with each of us.

Our commitment with people, an acknowledged value

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