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Sustainability: ACCIONA's axis of action

Sustainability permeates each of the ideas, decisions, processes and projects that make ACCIONA a leading global company in promoting sustainable development and combating the climate emergency.

We support a sustainable business model that seeks economic growth, social progress and environmental balance with the goal of improving the lives of present and future generations.


To achieve this, we design solutions that address the major global challenges facing humanity: decarbonisation of the energy system, the climate emergency, water and sanitation shortages, the need for resilient infrastructures, and innovation and the development of more sustainable cities.

    Our figures back us up


    M€ in social contribution

    100 %

    Carbon neutral for the 4th consecutive year

    47.6 %

    of water treated in countries with water stress


    Million tons of CO₂ avoided in 2021


    Projects with a study of Social Impact Management


    M€ in tax contribution


    We fight against climate change

    emissions avoided through renewables-based generation

    Thanks to our renewable energy projects around the world we manage to avoid the emission of millions of tons of CO₂

    How do we calculate using the emissions counter? The total CO₂ emissions avoided for a period is obtained by adding the emissions avoided in each of the countries in which ACCIONA generates renewable electricity during the period, taking into account its emission factor.


    Tons of CO₂ emissions avoided in 2022

    Featured sustainability initiatives

    climate emergency and social development

    climate emergency

    Climate change is the main challenge to the future of life on this planet

    social development

    ACCIONA understands that it must take a leading role in contributing to the sustainable development of the communities in the countries where it operates and to help improve the quality of life of the people that live there.


    Sustainability Indexes and Rankings

    The economic, environmental and social performance is subject to study by a large number of specialized agents, a fact that is reflected in the existence of specific indexes and reports.

    Organizations we collaborate with

    ACCIONA participates in the public debate and works along side with other companies and organizations sharing its experience for a common goal: the fight against climate change and the achievement of a sustainable development.

    The latest news in sustainability

    Floods, drought and how climate change affects the water cycle

    The temperature increases, water heats, evaporates faster, and the consequences translate into droughts and intense rainfall. This is how climate change affects the water cycle.

    The latest news in sustainability

    Droughts are increasingly common and last longer due to climate change

    Droughts worldwide are worsening due to climate change. The countries of the Horn of Africa suffer deadly famines due to water shortage.

    The latest news in sustainability

    Lessons from sustainable regeneration: the generous and intelligent life of plants

    Understanding the capacity of plants to adapt, and the positive impact they generate in their environment, will help us embark on the sustainable regeneration the planet needs



    Our goal of achieving universal access to basic services prompted us, a decade ago, to create the acciona.org Foundation. A platform from which we reach out to isolated communities around the globe to provide them with basic, sustainable and modern service of electricity, safe water and infrastructure.