Diversity, equity and inclusion

for sustainable growth

Leaders for change

The talent, commitment and leadership of people —the heart of ACCIONA— make sustainable development and effectively combating the climate emergency possible.

That is the reason why our employees are at the centre of the company's strategy, which is based on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Through the Diversity Committees, in the different businesses and countries, policies and programs are promoted to favor a respectful, diverse, inclusive and efficient work environment. These diversity committees, made up of all groups, generate proposals and plans in the area of diversity and inclusion.


ACCIONA works to be the best company to work for, where men and women can develop their careers with total equality of opportunity and to generate a culture that promotes work-life balance in all areas.

We are determined that there should be no gender-based pay inequity in all businesses and countries where we operate. In 2021, we have reported a gender pay gap of 2.5 % globally and we are working to eliminate all cases where this type of inequality could be detected. 


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women in management positions

This commitment is materialized through the promotion of women to positions of responsibility in all areas with the aim of increasing the representation of women in managing positions.

As an example of this, ACCIONA has linked its bonus to the achievement of the objective of increasing the percentage of women in pre-managing positions and we also hold twice a year editions of the Management Development Program for High Potential Women.

    Initiatives with a real impact

    18.6 %

    Female executives

    +2.6 %

    22.1 %

    Female managers

    + 0.8%


    Female in direction and mangerial positions


    Diversity and inclusion

    We work to create environments in which all people feel and are valued, and where their differences can contribute to our businesses, always on the basis of equal opportunities and dignified treatment.

    The policy on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, the policy on Human Rights and ACCIONA's Code of Conduct promotes real equal opportunity, beyond gender diversity, and does not accept, in any case, any type of discrimination in the professional environment on the grounds of age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, social status or disability.


    In terms of diversity of nationalities, ACCIONA group is present in more than 40 countries, where a total of 131 nationalities work together, with 53% of employees being Spanish, 6.8% Australian, 5.3% Mexican and 4.5% Chilean, among others. Four generations coexist in the company: Boomers (1946-64) 11%, Generation X (1965-80) 41%, Millennials or Gen Y (1981-96) 42% and Generation Z (1997-2012) 6%.

    We rely on the support of employees to adapt to the local reality and needs of each geography in which we are present with the Diversity and Inclusion Committees, groups of employees representing different communities. Their mission is to collect information from their environment, share the best practices and generate proposals on diversity, equity and inclusion. Their role is very important as they make it possible for the global diversity and inclusion strategy of the company to adapt to the local reality of each geography in
    which it is present.

    We collaborate with entities and foundations for labour integration of people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, migrant women, victims of gender violence and other groups at risk of social exclusion.



    The company promotes inclusion programs for people with disabilities in all its areas, a commitment that has been certified with the new Bequal seal -with Bequal Plus rating-. The average number of employees with disabilities in the company represents 3.96% of the total workforce.


    Our Special Employment Centres contribute by providing workers with disabilities with productive and paid work, appropriate to their personal characteristics and which facilitates their integration into the ordinary labour market

      Inclusion of minorities

      ACCIONA does business in 65 countries and, as a company and employer, is aware of the role it plays in the communities in which it operates and makes an effort to create positive impacts that improve the life of people, encourages local hiring and protects minorities.

      A total of 16 ethnic groups form part of the staff of the company. ACCIONA promotes labour though specific plans in its projects that include training, awareness raising, elimination of barriers, employment hiring and collaboration with bodies and institutions.


      A hospital built entirely by women

      ACCIONA marks a milestone in the construction industry with the construction of an all-female building.

      We put our values into practice

      Our commitment with people, an acknowledged value

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