Sustainability Master Plan 2025

We need to accelerate and we have a plan.

Our ambition for 2025

Impact for sustainable development

ACCIONA invests in, develops and operates infrastructure assets that make our planet more sustainable. Our Sustainability Master Plan 2025 aims to make us a recognized leader in developing basic infrastructure assets with additional value for people and the planet, in short, regenerative infrastructure.

  • People Centric
  • The generation of added value in terms of positive impacts
  • Global leadership and innovation in sustainability
  • Full integration of sustainability in the company

SMP 2010-2015: Responsibility

The first plan represented the moment of Responsibility, of our effective commitment to sustainability objectives, with the purpose of measuring and aligning our activity as a company with these objectives.

The company's history | ACCIONA

PDS 2016-2020: Resilience

The second plan represented the moment of Resilience. It was oriented towards preventing and insuring against risks derived from the deterioration of the planet or other types of risks, in order to integrate sustainability criteria into all of our businesses and prevent them from having a negative impact.

PDS 2021-2025: Regeneration

The third plan is Regeneration. We reverse deteriorating situations through our solutions and projects, capable of producing a net positive impact on the social, environmental and economic environment.


Our solutions complement each other to contribute to the achievement of a common goal: the protection and regeneration of the planet. Our Sustainability Master Plan represents this philosophy, a commitment that places sustainability as a necessary condition and is reflected in our work and projects around the world.Our Solutions

Our projects generate positive impact


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