What is the recruitment process like at ACCIONA?

At ACCIONA, we have people who, like us, share the purpose of designing a better planet together and want to be protagonists in the transformation that the world needs. The best talent.

To achieve this, we deploy an effective, agile and demanding recruitment process. Our methodology is to incorporate different profiles of interviewers, so that each one of them can delve into different key aspects of the candidate. Thus, in a recruitment process, you can have interviews not only with Human Resources managers, but also with heads of department and/or future colleagues.

By combining the evaluations of each one, we ensure accurate decision-making, which helps us recruit the most suitable professionals for each role and minimise unconscious biases, thus ensuring fair and inclusive decision-making.

Our Human Resources professionals will accompany you at every stage of the process and, if they believe you are not the most suitable candidate for that particular job, they will notify you at any time of the process.

However, if you agree, we will retain your data for evaluation in relation to other opportunities in the future.

FAQS or Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to participate in ACCIONA’s recruitment process?

In order to participate in our recruitment process, you must register in the offer in which you want to participate, previously it is necessary that you register in our database by completing your profile in the section of Job Offers.

This registration will allow you to see your CV as well as to make modifications to it. You can then apply to our job offers that match your profile.

Can I apply for a vacancy without fitting the profile specified by it?

You can apply for the offer, but be aware that priority will be given to candidates who fulfil the required profile.

Can I apply for more than one vacancy simultaneously?

Yes, but once you are preselected for an offer you cannot continue to take part in other recruitment processes.

Can I apply for the offer from other employment channels?

You can apply for our vacancies via different jobs portals as long as they are redirected to the ACCIONA Employment Channel.

Should I sign up for the job channel if there are no offers that fit my profile now?

Yes, since registered candidates automatically become part of our database. This is reviewed by our selection team when new job offers arise. Even so, we recommend that you apply every time you see an offer that interests you.

How do I know my data has been correctly stored in the system?

When you introduce your data in the system you will be given a username and password to be able to see and modify your data in future. Also, by applying for any of the offers, you will automatically be sent an email to your address confirming your registration.

Can I attach my LinkedIn profile in the system?

Yes. You can attach your profile in our LinkedIn section by introducing the URL address.

What are ACCIONA’s intern schemes? How do they work?

We currently offer business internships aimed at final-year undergraduate and Master’s students with a good academic record, spoken English (additional languages are appreciated), cultural and social interests, who are proactive and able to learn. 

We have agreements and schemes with different universities and business schools worldwide. If you qualify and wish to join our program, we can offer you: 

  • Up to six months’ paid internship per academic year
  • A full-time or part-time internship
  • A training program to learn professional skills and digital competencies.

How can I participate in ACCIONA’s intern schemes?

To apply for an internship, register for the offers that fit your profile in our “Graduates & Internships” section

How to participate in the Graduate program?

To apply for our Graduate vacancies, you can register for the vacancies that fit your profile in our "Graduates and Internships" section

How long do my data stay in the ACCIONA database?

See our privacy policy, accessible at the bottom of the page.

Our commitment with people, an acknowledged value

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