Academy Program

Students had the opportunity to observe, learn and participate in our Australia 2020 ACADEMY program once again.

A unique opportunity

ACCIONA's Academy Program

ACCIONA's ACADEMY Program is an experience designed for students about to finish their university degree that allows them to have a first contact with the professional world in a company that is committed to sustainable development.

In addition to discovering ACCIONA's multiple solutions, participants receive intensive skills training and embark on group challenges and projects that take them out of their comfort zone.

    Are you the perfect candidate?


    What are we looking for?

    Previous-to-last year of a Bachelor or Master’s degree, proficient English skills (other languages will be also taken into account) and a good academic record.

    A unique opportunity

    What are we offering?

    Intensive skills training led by experts and networking with different company professionals. Develop and present a real case that will be evaluated by our professionals.

    Develop your career in...


    With more than 100 years of experience and presence in the five continents, ACCIONA will provide you with its experience and knowledge in facing the most complex technical challenges and the difficulty of executing large infrastructure projects around the world.

    Develop your career in...


    30 years of history and more than 10,000 MW installed in property make us a reference and world leader in the field of renewable energies. Our mission is to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of a new energy model guided by criteria of sustainability and innovation. You will learn from the best professionals, experts in designing a better planet.

    Develop your career in...


    ACCIONA's solutions for more efficient management of water resources rely on technology to tackle climate change.

    Develop your career in...

    Other activities

    We invest in the planet and design multiple solutions for the different challenges the planet faces, such as water scarcity, urban concentration, demographic pressure or growing energy demand. In all our solutions, we have actors who have the necessary skills to design a better planet.

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