The workshops were held at around one hundred schools in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the US, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Sweden. More than 400 Company employees took part in the initiative this year. 

For the fourth consecutive year, ACCIONA organised corporate Volunteer Day, in which ACCIONA volunteers taught workshops on sustainability and climate change to schoolchildren aged from 6 to 10 years. This year, more than 400 employees took part in the initiative, and more than 8,000 pupils benefited from the workshops.

The ACCIONA volunteers travelled to around one hundred participating schools and spent two hours explaining to pupils that sustainability is achieved through small, day-to-day gestures that anyone can perform. Activities and games were used to show the children what their lives would be like without all the resources they use on a daily basis, to make them aware that, if they don't look after them, they will eventually disappear.

Volunteer Day, an initiative that is part of the Environment Day celebrations, is ACCIONA's way of raising schoolchildren's awareness of their active role in securing sustainable development, and of disseminating the values of sustainability among its employees.