It is the first zero emissions vehicle to participate in the Dakar Rally, a milestone for a unique competition in its 37 editions.

The vehicle proved the feasibility of renewable energy in some of the most inhospitable terrains during the toughest motor competition in the world.

With this success, ACCIONA closes its 100% EcoPowered vehicle trilogy that began in 2011 with its sleigh that reached the South Pole propelled only by a system of kites. In 2012 it continued its march forward by participating in the Vendee Globe, on board a sailboat that completed a non-stop, round the world trip with one crew-mate and without using a drop of fossil fuel.

ACCIONA, the largest renewable energy operator in the world has been present in Chile since 1993 with its infrastructure, energy, water and services divisions.

ACCIONA, a pioneer in development and sustainability, has developed and built the first 100% electric vehicle to participate in the most demanding Rally in the world. It is the fruit of two years of research and a team of over 20 professionals.

The vehicle has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first 100% electric vehicle to participate in the rally without consuming any fossil fuels. The goal set to prove that clean energy can compete in extreme conditions was reached because the energy systems worked perfectly.

The fact the vehicle withstood the same conditions as traditional vehicles confirmed the optimal integration of electric propulsion technology and the high competition mechanical characteristics a rally vehicle must meet and confirmed the expectations of the capabilities of the vehicle.

100% clean energy systems 

  • A synchronous electric engine that has a highly efficient 300 CC engine and which weighs only 80 Kg compared to its internal combustion counterparts which weigh 280 Kg. 
  • 4 removable Lithium Ion battery packs, capable of storing a total of 140kWH (similar to the contracted capacity of 32 homes) to adequately power the electric motor. 
  • A system of high-efficiency solar panels, to power the telemetry and security systems of the ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered with 100% renewable energy.


ACCIONA has been present in Chile for more than 20 years with flagship projects such as the Ralco Hydroelectric plant, the Vespucio Sur Motorway, the Seawater Desalination Plant for the mining industry in Copiapó and the Punta Palmeras Wind Farm. It is currently building the new line 3 for the Metro of Santiago, the Exequiel González Cortés Hospital, the Ventilation Tunnels for the Chuquicamata underground system and the new mine-plant transfer system for the Andina Project, both for Codelco.