More than 4,000 people are already using the photovoltaic systems supplied by ACCIONA Microenergía México.

The ACCIONA Microenergy Foundation, through ACCIONA Microenergía México, has implemented the 'Luz en Casa Oaxaca' home electricity project with a view to providing electricity to about 25,000 people in the state of Oaxaca (Mexico). In 2014, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the Oaxaca State Government participated in the programme, creating a public-private partnership ACCIONA Microenergía México. This allows us to work together to bring electricity to isolated, low-income households in Oaxaca.

Currently, 4,300 people receive electricity via 3rd-generation photovoltaic systems supplied by ACCIONA Microenergía México and installed by the users themselves, who were trained by the programme team. The systems are environmentally-friendly since they use lithium-ion batteries and LED lights, and are easily installed due to the plug&play architecture.

Users received funding under an agreement between ACCIONA Microenergía México and Kiva, a leading US crowdlending organisation. Through its community of 'investors' (individuals who lend money to others out of solidarity), Kiva raised funds to cover the user's loan applications (US$120-125 per user), which will be repaid in 12 monthly instalments. This enabled low-income families to purchase photovoltaic systems.

The photovoltaic systems distributed in 2014 were allocated mainly to Mixe households in difficult-to-access areas. Additionally, ACCIONA Microenergía México has developed two service and supply centres for the programme. These centres, which are located in larger towns, provide ongoing service to users, teaching them about using photovoltaic systems and handling repairs. This ensures that the solutions implemented are long-lasting, and safeguards the support provided and users' investment.

As a result of 'Light at Home Oaxaca' project, ACCIONA Energía México was recognised for Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility in the Community Ties Category at the 2014 edition of the awards organised by the Mexican Centre for Philanthropy (CEMEFI), the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico (AliaRSE) and Forum Empresa.