ACCIONA Microenergia Peru has installed the ‘Centros Luz en Casa’ (Light at Home Centres) in the houses of the entrepreneurs chosen to own these small businesses of sale and maintenance of electric devices in the rural areas of Cajamarca.

Once the technical, entrepreneurial and managerial training finished, and the entrepreneurs have been signed the micro-franchise contracts with ACCIONA Microenergia Peru, the ‘Centros Luz en Casa’ were installed in their houses.

Thus 10 ‘Centros Luz en Casa’ have started their commercial activity around the ACCIONA Microenergia Peru’s area of attention. In addition, in its headquarters in the town of Cajamarca, a Demonstrative ‘Centro Luz en Casa’ has been set up as a showcase and to advertise the on-sale devices.

As Cintia Diaz, responsible of the action at ACCIONA Microenergia Peru, explains “when the Demonstrative ‘Centro Luz en Casa’ was showed to the entrepreneurs, they got excited about having immediately the products in their houses, and so developing entrepreneurially and managerially”. And she continues with the word of Yolanda, micro franchisee of the ‘Centro Casa Blanca’, who says “I’ve never had been this kind of backing and for this reason I am very keen to sell beside my husband”. Because she and the rest of the entrepreneurs work in a family business.

Those franchisee entrepreneurs have followed with interest the field test, that have been succeed the laboratory test developed in the National University of Engineering of Peru, of the first devices they will sell: LED lamp, radio with rechargeable battery and LED TV with DVD incorporated, and all they are compatible with the Solar Home Systems that ACCIONA Microenergia Peru have installed within the ‘Luz en Casa’ programme. These devices will be accessible at affordable prices and will count on the manufacturer technical guarantee.

“This is a great opportunity that ACCIONA Microenergia Peru offers to our development as small entrepreneurs by generating work in our areas and improving our families’ economy” says Manuel, entrepreneur of the ‘Centro El Rejo de Unanca’.

“My neighbours are very excited and happy with the start of the ‘Centro Luz en Casa’, they want to know and buy the devices”. Manuel owns the centre with the support of his father who has been trained too, “I am in charge mainly of the technical orders and my dad will attend the centre when I am outside” Manuel finishes.

This initiative that ACCIONA Microenergia Peru deploys has been formulated by the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation, the ICAI Engineers for Development foundation and the Innovation and Technology for Development Centre of the Technical University of Madrid, with co-funding from the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development, through the first Call for Subsidies to perform Innovation Projects for Development. The project executed strengthens the rural electrification programme ‘Luz en Casa’, which up today has almost 4,000 users in the Department of Cajamarca (Peru).

The ‘Luz en Casa’ Programme

The ‘Luz en Casa’ programme brings sustainable electricity through clean energy to isolated rural households where there are no power lines. It gives a basic electricity service by means of solar home systems, within the Peruvian electricity regulatory framework and with a fee-for-service model that applies the official photovoltaic tariff.

A basic access to electricity improves the quality of life of those people, with an important impact on their health, education, environment and incomes.

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ACCIONA Microenergia Peru

ACCIONA Microenergia Peru is a non-profit association, that was created by the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation to facilitate access to electricity to isolated rural communities, which are not included in the national grid extension of Peru. ACCIONA Microenergia Peru is an electricity public utility within the Peruvian regulation.

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