With the opening of a Customer Service Centre (so-called CAU) in San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, the highest use of the photovoltaic energy provided is guaranteed to users from more than 15 localities in the north of the State of Oaxaca; they are provided with efficient electric devices and other technical services. Thus ACCIONA Microenergia increases its impact on the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns.

In the facilities of the Regional Development Module of the General Coordination for Planning and Development of the Government of Oaxaca (so called COPLADE), in the locality of San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, the fifth CAU of 'Luz en Casa Oaxaca' has been inaugurated to attend to the communities of Papaloapan. Thus the users of this region have access to the services already offered in the regions of Istmo, Sierra Norte, Costa and Sierra Sur, in the CAUs of Tehuantepec, Ayutla-Mixe, San Pedro Pochutla and Villa Sola de Vega, respectively.

This CAU network facilitates the technical sustainability of the Third Generation Solar Home Systems (3GSHS), by offering repairing services, technical advice and sale of affordable and compatible high-efficient devices of good quality, to the users of 'Luz en Casa Oaxaca'.

In the inauguration of the Tuxtepec CAU, Mr Enrique Toledo, Manager of ACCIONA Microenergia Mexico and Director of the 'Luz en Casa Oaxaca' programme, and Mr Hector Rodriguez, Coordinator of the Regional Development Module of COPLADE in San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, were present.

ACCIONA Microenergia and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are included in the 2030 Agenda, a 15-year plan of action that favours the people, the planet and the prosperity. There are 17 SDG which are integrated and indivisible and that comprise the three dimensions of the Development: economic, social and environmental.

The rural electrification programmes of the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation impact on those three dimensions, and directly on the SDG 7.- Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

The opening of the CAUs also impacts on the SDG 12.- Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns: the proximity services offered by these centres to the users guarantee the highest operation of the 3GSHS, and so the highest use of the provided clean & efficient energy, that avoid the use and removal of pollutant alternative energy elements.

ACCIONA Microenergia Mexico

It is a non-profit association that was created by the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation to facilitate access to electricity to isolated rural communities, which are not included in the national grid extension of Mexico. ACCIONA Microenergia Mexico deploys the 'Luz en Casa Oaxaca' programme under a public-private partnership with the Government of the State of Oaxaca and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.