The ACCIONA Microenergia foundation and the technological innovation platform “Ennomotive” collaborate in searching for profitable solutions to monitoring of the batteries of the Solar Home Systems.

The open innovation allows experts outside the organization to give solutions to the organization’s challenges. Ennomotive is an open platform for innovation in engineering, which is used by the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation to search for advanced solutions to monitoring of the batteries of the Solar Home Systems. Everyone can participate with solutions by signing up as an expert.

The battery is the most fragile and expensive piece of the Solar Home Systems that ACCIONA Microenergia Peru has in operation in the houses of the mountains of Cajamarca (Peru) where it gives the electricity service. With almost 4,000 batteries, some with an age of six years, it is important to monitor their condition to know how they are being used and how their real energy storage capacity is decreasing. This battery monitoring results in a better electricity service and reduces failures. To this end, the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation collaborates with Ennomotive by using its open innovation platform with the aim of receiving proposals from experts around the world.

The 'Luz en Casa' Programme

The “Luz en Casa” programme brings sustainable electricity through clean energy to isolated rural households where there are no power lines. It gives a basic electricity service by means of solar home systems, within the Peruvian electricity regulatory framework and with a fee-for-service model that applies the official photovoltaic tariff.

A basic access to electricity improves the quality of life of those people, with an important impact on their health, education, environment and incomes.

ACCIONA Microenergía Peru

ACCIONA Microenergia Peru is a non-profit association that was created by the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation to facilitate access to electricity to isolated rural communities, which are not included in the national grid extension of Peru. ACCIONA Microenergia Peru is an electricity public utility within the Peruvian regulation.

More information: ACCIONA Microenergía Foundation