• The company generated 8.168 billion euros in social cash flow

The ACCIONA group's tax contribution to the governments in the countries where it operates amounted to 1,160 million euros in 2017, of which 545 million euros (47%) were taxes borne by the company and the remainder (615 million euros) were taxes collected. 67% of the tax contribution was in Spain (779 million euros). The remaining 381.4 million euros were paid in the close to 40 countries where ACCIONA operates, principally in Mexico, Poland, Australia and Chile.

That figure represents 5.3 times the group's attributable net profit, and the taxes borne amounted to 2.5 times after-tax profit. The contribution increased by 14.5% with respect to the previous year, with employment-related taxes still representing the largest single item: 47% of taxes borne and 42% of taxes collected.

ACCIONA generated 8.168 billion euros in social cash flow last year. That amount represents the economic value generated and distributed by the company, and measures both generated cash flows (receipts from customers and disinvestments) and the economic value distributed by ACCIONA in 2017 through payments to suppliers (5,029 million euros), employee wages (979 million euros), and payments to public administrations (1,160 million euros) and shareholders (165 million euros).