• ACCIONA joins over 400 businesses, 120 investors, 150 cities and regions, representing 150 million people and US$ 11 trillion in assets, in support of a rapid and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
  • ACCIONA pledges to be carbon neutral in 2016

ACCIONA, a global provider of renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, today joined major companies, investors, cities and regions from around the globe, representing 150 million people and US$11 trillion in assets, in support of a rapid and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Last week at the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris, governments of the world united in action on climate change by adopting the Paris Agreement, the first universal, legally binding climate deal. This agreement will spur a transformation of global growth and development and open the door to a low-carbon, stable, sustainable future. 

ACCIONA, as a signatory to the Paris Pledge for Action, has vowed to accelerate the transformative changes needed to limit global warming to less than the 2ºC limit that could trigger catastrophic climate change.

Last week in Paris, ACCIONA pledged to achieve 100% carbon neutrality across all its global operations next year. In addition, the Company announced it would invest a further $2.5 billion in new renewable energy installations, mostly in developing countries, to increase installed capacity to 10,500MW over the next five years. On current trends, this will allow ACCIONA to avoid the emission of more than 20 million tonnes of CO² a year – the equivalent of the annual output of more than 4 million vehicles.

On signing the Paris Pledge for Action, José Manuel Entrecanales, Chairman and CEO of ACCIONA, said: “We welcome the adoption of a new, universal climate agreement at COP 21 in Paris, which is a critical step on the path to solving climate change. We pledge our support to ensuring that the level of ambition set by the agreement is met or exceeded.”

The Paris Pledge for Action represents a clear response from cities, regions, business and investors that they are now ready and willing to stand shoulder to shoulder, alongside governments, to implement the terms of the Paris Agreement.