• The duration of the contract is 10 years, with a total value of approximately €23 million
  • ACCIONA Service will manage all five categories of waste collection: glass, organic, plastic and metal containers, paper and cardboard and non-recyclable materials

ACCIONA Service’s Urban and Environmental Services activity was selected by the Town Council of Tortosa, Tarragona, to provide urban waste collection, street cleaning and collection centre operation in the capital of the Bajo Ebro region.

The 10-year contract, valued at approximately €23 million, will provide service to a population of over 33,800. The service will have a workforce of 48 employees.

With this new contract, ACCIONA Service will provide collection services for four categories: glass, organic, plastic and metal containers, and paper and cardboard. This service was previously managed by the Consejo Comarcal del Bajo Ebro and collection services were not segmented. Likewise, the company will be responsible for collecting waste in the non-recyclable category.

This collection system seeks to encourage town citizens to recycle. To do that, specific zones will be created for each of the five categories, and citizen awareness campaigns will be reinforced with environmental educators.

Along with waste collection, ACCIONA Service will be responsible for the municipal street cleaning services and management of the waste collection centre.

ACCIONA Service currently provides the waste collection and street cleaning services in the regions of Montsiá and Bajo Ebro. This new agreement was reached after the Town Council of Tortosa decided to separate this regional management and opt for an exclusive, personalised service.

ACCIONA Service’s urban and environmental services activity specialises in cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of public urban spaces, offering sustainable solutions and using a purpose-sized business model designed to meet the needs of the client in every phase of the project.

With this business model, ACCIONA Service has been awarded significant contracts, such as the waste collection service in the eastern area of Madrid, complete preservation of the eight most emblematic parks in the Spanish capital, and maintenance and upkeep for 16 beaches in Almería.