• The contract is for five million euros per annum

ACCIONA Service has been awarded the contract for comprehensive maintenance and ancillary services in the Navantia shipyard in the estuary of El Ferrol for five million euros a year. The contract covers the cleaning of the industrial area and the workshops in the shipyard, the offices, the maintenance of mechanical equipment and gardening and other services.

ACCIONA Service will group these services in a single contract under the Facility Management modality (the end-to-end management of ancillary services). This means that Navantia, by having a single vendor, will have easier communications, lower costs, fewer operational failures and less time spent on administration. ACCIONA will subrogate the workforce that currently carries out this work, a total of 128 employees.

ACCIONA Service has experience in ancillary services for the shipbuilding industry for customers such as La Naval, for which it manufactures auxiliary equipment parts in the company’s facility in Bilbao.