• The company ranks sixth worldwide according to EcoAct's Sustainability Reporting report, presented at the New York Climate Week
  • The report highlights ACCIONA’s carbon neutral status, as well as the company’s decarbonization strategies and innovation initiatives in low-carbon business processes and models

ACCIONA maintains its title as a leading company in global sustainability reporting, according to EcoAct's “Sustainability Reporting Performance Report”, which analyzes how large corporations contribute to the fight against climate change. The company ranks sixth worldwide and second among the Ibex-35 firms, according to the ranking, which was presented at the New York Climate Summit.

In its assessment, EcoAct highlights ACCIONA’s climate change strategy. The company has been carbon neutral since 2016, reaching this target thirty years prior to the ideal scenarios drawn out by scientific experts. 'ACCIONA's key strategies revolve around the progressive elimination of fossil fuels and integrating innovation into business processes and models'.

The study praises the increase in the number of companies that, like ACCIONA, report on climate change risks and opportunities following the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). In this way, these firms are actively responding to the growing pressure from investors, who are demanding greater transparency from companies in their decision-making.

EcoAct also recognizes ACCIONA’s transparency when accounting for its carbon footprint, which informs on the firm’s emissions in terms of location and market and its commitment to incorporating its low-carbon strategy into its value chain, with a 37% reduction in its Scope 3 emissions.

The report acknowledges ACCIONA’s efforts in raising environmental awareness through its Sustainability for all initiative, which is 'an online portal containing information and tools which aims to help all of society get involved in the fight against climate change”

These good practices give ACCIONA a sustainability rating that is 12 points above the average for the energy sector and more than 30 points above the global average.