ACCIONA’s commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions has been recognized through the company’s inclusion in the ‘CDP Supplier Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014’, which includes the 121 most sustainable vendors of products and services in the world.

The index, drawn up by CDP - one of the most prestigious corporate information communication systems on the environment in the world – highlights the company’s excellence as a provider of products and services based on low-carbon business models.

To draw up the list, in which ACCIONA appears for the second consecutive year, CDP assessed 3,336 companies that responded to its CDP Supply Chain 2014 survey. Of these, only 121 companies were graded ‘A’ – the highest – to be part of the CDP Supplier Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014.

A presence in the CDP Supplier Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014 ratifies the positioning of ACCIONA’s offer of products and services to public and private customers that incorporate sustainability into their strategy, with a global vision that includes the entire vendor chain. Vendors that operate on the basis of sustainability criteria are increasingly valued in both national and international public tenders. Indeed, this is gradually becoming a requirement or section that earns points.

As a purchaser of goods and services, ACCIONA extends its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions to its entire value chain through the calculation of the emissions associated with its 28,000 vendors. To do this, the company analyzed the carbon footprint generated by 10% of its vendors, a process that enabled it to identify the 500 vendors that were generating 70% of the emissions throughout the value chain. The next step was a series of joint measures to reduce this footprint, and also to include the environmental factor in decision-making processes on purchases.

The company’s commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions throughout its activities has been recognized by CDP, which considers it the utility with the least Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the world in relation to its revenues, and the one that shows the strongest trend in the reduction of Co2 emissions in the sector. As an example of this effort, the company has reduced its CO2 emissions by 63% in six years. In 2014 ACCIONA has also revalidated its presence in performance indexes (Iberia 125 Climate Performance Leadership) and transparency ratings (Climate Disclosure Leadership). It achieved the highest score in its history in the second category.  

CDP, previously known as Carbon Disclosure Project, is a prestigious international non-profit organization that provides a global system to communicate environmental information. Operating with an annual budget of 1.3 billion dollars, it represents 66 multinationals in the CDP Supply Chain Program that require information on the environmental performance of their vendors in the field of Climate Change.