• The ‘Light up your Life’ Project, which is driven by the Inter-American Development Bank and the company Philips, brings efficient LED lighting to football fields of isolated low-income communities in Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, so as to promote their social integration and development through the sport.

ACCIONA Microenergia Mexico collaborates with the ‘Light up your Life’ Project to install isolated photovoltaic systems, which will bring electricity to sport facilities in two Oaxaca villages. The target is to favour the community living and the recreation of the population, especially the young people. Light up your Life, under the coordination of the Brazilian NGO IDEAAS, has developed facilities in Peru and Colombia, and now in Brazil (Amazonia) and Mexico too.

In this project, ACCIONA Microenergia Mexico collaborates with the identification of two villages among those that are benefited with the ‘Luz en Casa Oaxaca’ programme, the coordination of the installation and start-up of the systems, and the coordination with community representatives and municipal authorities to their assumption of responsibility of the operation & maintenance.

The project was recently presented in the office of the General Coordinator of the State of Oaxaca’s Committee for Development Planning (COPLADE) with the following attendees: Mr Gerardo Albino, General Coordinator at COPLADE; Mr Enrique Toledo, Manager at ACCIONA Microenergia Mexico; Ms Ligia Kawate, Executive Coordinator of ‘Light up your Life’ at IDEAAS; Mr Carlos Urbina, representative from Philips, and; Mr Sinai Casillas, Director of Renewable Energy at the Government of Oaxaca’s Secretary of Tourism and Economic Development.

ACCIONA Microenergia and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are included in the 2030 Agenda, a 15-year plan of action that favours the people, the planet and the prosperity. There are 17 SDG which are integrated and indivisible and that comprise the three dimensions of the Development: economic, social and environmental.

The rural electrification programmes of the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation impact on those three dimensions, and directly on the SDG 7, Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Those programmes, and every project in which ACCIONA Microenergia collaborates, also impact on the SDG17, Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development: they are developed under multi-stakeholder management models that combine compromises from the public, private and civil initiatives, nationally and internationally, which add the technical, managerial and economic resources necessary to develop initiatives with the aim of favouring the development of very backward communities.