ACCIONA is one of the 105 companies in the world selected to be part of the STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index, a new stock index that includes the companies that show the best performance according to the 'A-list' issued by CDP every year.

The recently presented index is designed so that international investors can limit their exposure to climate-related risks. It reflects the increasing interest in the markets of companies that incorporate the environmental variable in their business strategies.

The basis of the STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index is the “A List” drawn up by CDP, which evaluates more than 2,000 listed companies worldwide every year. CDP represents around one thousand investors that account for more than one-third of the capital invested in the world.

Through its presence in the STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index, ACCIONA, which has been included in the ‘construction and materials’ section, strengthens its position vis-à-vis international investors as a company with a sustainable business model in the long term. Its strategy covers the risks and opportunities related to climate change.

The company is one of the most active in the fight against climate change, a philosophy that is embedded in its business model, based on renewable energy sources, sustainable infrastructures and a commitment to be carbon neutral in 2016.

ACCIONA has also signed the declaration issued by the “Coalition for Higher Ambition” of members of the Corporate Leaders Group and representatives of local authorities and civil society, calling on European leaders to fulfil the commitments agreed in COP21.