• Calls for post-Covid19 economic stimulus plans to prioritise the European Green Deal

ACCIONA has joined more than 180 corporate leaders, European ministers and members of Parliament, trade unionists and civil society leaders, in calling on European Union (EU) governments to prioritise low-carbon investments in their post-Covid19 economic recovery plans. 

In a statement, the alliance for a Green Recovery argues that the dramatic economic and social fallout from the coronavirus pandemic will be best addressed with an unprecedented green investment program. 

The alliance warns that “what worked for the 2008 financial crisis may not be sufficient to overcome this one”. Stimulus packages should be directed at building more resilient and inclusive societies, so that they are better prepared to withstand future shocks. It views the response to the Coronavirus as an opportunity to develop a new model of prosperity. 

“Covid-19 will not make climate change and nature degradation go away,” the alliance says. “Let’s not oppose those two battles, but let’s fight and win them at the same time.” The alliance calls for the design of recovery plans at local, national and EU levels to prioritise low-carbon investments that help fight climate change. 

José Manuel Entrecanales, Chairman and CEO of Acciona, said: 'Stimulus plans will be most effective if they manage to connect short and long-term challenges: the need to get people back to work quickly and the need to be better prepared for future threats. Investing in the planet is the best way to strengthen our economies, making them more resilient and more inclusive”.