• The initiative makes the company one of the first in the world to measure water consumption throughout its supply chain

  • The company has also measured greenhouse gas emissions associated to the activities of its 28,000 suppliers for the second consecutive year

ACCIONA has calculated the water consumption of all its suppliers —both its 28,000 direct providers and its indirect suppliers; i.e., its suppliers’ suppliers. This initiative has made the company one of the first in the world to analyse the water consumption of 100% of its supply chain. The study has allowed ACCIONA to ascertain, among other things: the proportion of water use in the supply chain which is due to direct suppliers; the suppliers with the most intensive use of water; water-intensive supply activities in water-stressed countries and those ACCIONA activities with the greatest impact on global water use within the supply chain.

Just as it did last year, ACCIONA has calculated the CO2 emissions of its entire supply chain. The joint analysis of these data and those gathered the previous year has shown to what extent current business trends and the opening to new geographic markets are exerting an influence on the variation of supplier CO2 emissions, identifying suppliers having the greatest impact and those which continue to remain within this category. It has also helped identify the most carbon intensive sourcing activities and determine which countries pose the greatest climate change risk within the supply chain.

In addition, ACCIONA has used the data obtained to launch a cooperation programme with suppliers to promote the reduction of CO2 emissions,  SCO2PE_By Acciona, consisting of a range of initiatives that are being implemented with the more emission-intensive suppliers.

Both water use and CO2 emission analyses were conducted again with the professional services firm PWC . This has allowed ACCIONA to collect key information in the areas of Climate Change and Water Use.

These initiatives to measure and analyse CO2 emissions in the supply chain are part of ACCIONA’s commitment to actively participate in the transition to a low carbon economy and advocate an ambitious private sector agreement to fight against climate change in the next COP 21 conference in Paris.