• Eight years: The company has held first place in the “Top 100 Green Utilities” ranking of Energy Intelligence since 2015.

ACCIONA Energía has renewed its status as the “greenest” electricity generation company in the world for the eighth year in succession, according to the  “Top 100 Green Utilities” ranking issued every year by Energy Intelligence, an independent consultancy specialising in energy markets. The company has held the top spot in the ranking since 2015.

The eleventh edition of “Top 100 Green Utilities” selected almost 170 electricity production companies from all over the world with more than 5 GW of installed capacity and has evaluated them on the basis of their CO2 emissions and the ratio between their renewable energy capacity and capacity based on fossil fuels.

ACCIONA Energía holds first place for combining a wide-ranging and diversified renewable generation asset portfolio (more than 11.4 GW in September 2022) with 100% emission-free production.

Below ACCIONA Energía in the Top 10 there are four European companies, three from China, one from the USA and one from India. Overall, the installed capacity in renewable energies of the ten greenest electricity generation companies in the world is 375 GW.