• This initiative is part of the Social Impact Management of the El Cabrito wind farm.

"The kids come to my office every day asking when we are going to take them back to camp". This is how Antonio Sánchez Alconchel, the director of the Nuevo Futuro centers for minors in Cadiz, expressed himself after the camps that took place in July last year. The moment has arrived: 40 boys, girls, and youngsters between 7 and 16 years old have spent four days camping in the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, near the El Cabrito wind farm (Tarifa, Cadiz), which took place from July 26 to 29. This initiative is part of the Social Impact Management (GIS) of this park and is being carried out for the second year, given the success achieved last year. The camp was organized by the socio-educational company Cauce Natura.

The participants stayed for three nights at the Inturjoven Cortes de la Frontera Hostel, within the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, and enjoyed the following activities: environmental activity "survival in the natural environment", aromatic plants workshop, sports in nature —such as hiking and swimming in natural pools—, aquatic gymkhanas in swimming pool and river, visit the Visitor Center of the Natural Park, visit the historic center of Cortes de la Frontera, multi-adventure activities —such as archery— and, finally, yoga and meditation sessions in nature. All these activities have been organized at different levels according to age and adapted to one child with reduced mobility.

The users of the children's centers in the area have little access to recreational and leisure activities, so this action aims to achieve a twofold objective: to reduce inequalities by ensuring access to a holiday period for these children that resembles that of other people of their age; and to offer models of socio-educational activities in the natural environment, awareness, and non-formal training, as a reinforcement to the existing programs in their centers. In this way, in addition to having fun, they can acquire values related to respect for the environment, together with those derived from dealing with their peers, such as companionship, personal respect, and teamwork.