• The main Sustainable Development Goals the company has contributed to in 2022 are related to health and well-being, quality education, decent work and economic growth.

Last year ACCIONA Energía carried out around 200 initiatives of a social nature aimed at improving the living conditions of the communities where it operated. They have been applied in 12 countries and have benefited approximately 300,000 people.

As part of our Social Impact Management programme, the projects are the result of dialogue with interest groups and help to generate a good relationship in the communities located near our facilities by promoting their socioeconomic development.

SDG 4: quality education

Education is the main objective of ACCIONA Energía’s social initiatives. Fifty projects of this type were carried out last year −almost a quarter of the total number− with an investment of €510,000, and most have an ongoing impact on 17,000 beneficiaries.

In Chile, for example, we are working on improving the university degree course of Expert in Renewable Energies at the State Technical Training Centre. In Peru a psychomotor development training room has been set up, material for the public education system has been provided and a socio-sport skills development programme has been created.

In the Dominican Republic facilities have been improved in schools; in Mexico, a kindergarten has been created and a scholarship programme continues; in Costa Rica, an educational wind turbine has been set up to raise awareness in the community on the importance of renewable energies; in the USA we have supported the creation of ‘Maker Spaces’ to promote shared knowledge; we have also worked with Degree and Technology camps and continue to promote STEM education and a scholarship programme is still in place in that country, as in Australia.

In Poland, we continue to support the Youth Orchestra in Poniec; in South Africa, scholarships and literacy programmes are continuing, as well as others of Mathematics, Physics and technical development to work in the handicraft sector; in Spain we have held a socio-educational summer camp for the second year running; in India, improvements have been made to schools, and, finally, in Portugal we have contributed to improving reading habits and the purchase of textbooks.

SDG3: good health and well-being

We have carried out 29 initiatives in the field of health and well-being with an investment of €219,239. Specifically, in Peru we have helped with the purchase of medical equipment for health centres; in the USA and Australia we have fostered physical activity and sports through support to sports centres; we have purchased specialised laboratory equipment, ultrasound and X-ray equipment in Mexico, a country where we have also carried out campaigns against breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and dengue fever; we continue to run the Kinderkinetics programme in South Africa with the aim of optimizing children’s neuromotor development, and in Spain we have made a small donation to the Hospitalised Children Project in the University Hospital of the city of Badajoz.


SDG 4: decent work and economic growth

The third pillar of ACCIONA Energía’s investment in social initiatives is the promotion of decent work and economic growth. To achieve this, 16 initiatives were implemented last year with an investment of €586,000.

Some of the entrepreneurship programmes implemented in 2022 are: Aprende, Emprende y Acciónate [Learn, Start a Business and Get Going] (Mexico); programmes to promote bee-keeping and stockbreeding (South Africa); supporting the olive oil cooperative in Villalba del Rey (Spain) and Colabora, a programme for the empowerment of young people in Almendralejo (Spain). Other ongoing projects are one to promote tourism in Chile and the Energía Rosa programme in Mexico for the contracting of women in energy plants.

All these initiatives demonstrate ACCIONA Energía’s commitment to the socioeconomic development of the communities where it operates.