• One year after going public, the company is becoming one of the 35 most liquid enterprises listed in Spain.

As of June 20, ACCIONA Energía will be holding a position on the Ibex 35, the main reference stock market index of the Spanish Stock Exchange prepared by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles, which is made up of the 35 most liquid companies listed on the Stock Exchange Interconnection Spanish System in the four stock exchanges of the country.

This has been decided by the Ibex 35 Technical Advisory Committee at its semi-annual meeting to assess possible changes in the composition of the index. To make the decision, this group of experts calculates the trading volume in the orders market during the six months prior to the meeting, called the control period. Moreover, they take into account several other factors to guarantee the quality of the volume, such as the number of contracted operations and the possible changes in the shareholders of the companies.

Candidate companies must meet two requirements to be part of the Ibex 35. First and foremost, the average capitalization of the company must be higher than 0.3% of the average index capitalization during the control period. In addition, the stock must be traded in at least one third of the sessions during the control period, unless the company is among the 20 largest ones by market value.

The inclusion on the Ibex 35 gives investors international visibility and greater access to financing, since there are many funds and investment plans that only comprise companies listed on large indexes.

ACCIONA Energía began trading on July 1 2021, in what was considered the largest offer on the Spanish Stock Exchange in recent years, at a starting price of 26.73 euros per share. Since then, its shares have risen by 40% and its market capitalization has reached 12,314 million euros. The most highlighted aspect by analysts is the company's expansion plan for the coming years, which includes reaching 20 GW of installed capacity in 2025 and exceeding 30GW in 2030 compared to 11.2GW at the end of 2021.