New portfolio: ACCIONA Energía will invest around US$180m (€158m) in the new wind farm located in San Juan de Marcona, Ica region

ACCIONA Energía, the world's largest 100% renewable energy company, is embarking on its first project in Peru with the construction of a 131.1 MW wind farm in San Juan de Marcona, in the Ica region.

The company will invest around US$180m (€158m) in the new wind farm, which marks ACCIONA Energía’s first step in the Peruvian renewable generation market. The construction phase will begin in April 2022. The wind farm is expected to be operational by the end of 2023.

The wind farm will have 23 wind turbines, each with a planned capacity of 5.7MW, that will produce 608 gigawatts per hour (GWh), enough to meet the energy needs of 478,000 households. From an environmental point of view, the San Juan de Marcona wind farm will reduce CO² emissions by 275,000 tonnes a year. In addition, a portion of the project’s annual revenues will be reinvested in programs to support education, social initiatives and environmental stewardship in local communities, as part of ACCIONA Energía’s Social Impact Management program.

The San Juan de Marcona wind farm will be connected to the National Interconnected Electric System (SEIN) via a 33km 220kV transmission line that will be built as part of the project and connected to the Marcona Substation grid.

“We are very excited by our first project in Peru. Our goal is to become a key player in the Peruvian market as well as an enabler in the country’s clean energy transition. We aim to do that through the development of 100% renewable projects that contribute to the reduction of the use of fossil fuels” said José Ignacio Escobar, CEO of ACCIONA Energía South America.  

With this project, ACCIONA Energía expands its footprint in South America, where it already has nearly 1,000MW in operation in Chile and recently acquired an 850MW wind energy portfolio in Brazil.