• Ceremony: Guillermo Fernández Vara and José Manuel Entrecanales attended the project’s groundbreaking event

ACCIONA Energía celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for the biomass plant in Logrosán (Extremadura) today, marking its construction start. Attendees to the event included the President of the Extremadura Government, Guillermo Fernández Vara, the Mayor of Logrosán Juan Carlos Hernández, the Chairman of ACCIONA, José Manuel Entrecanales, and the CEO of ACCIONA Energía, Rafael Mateo.

The biomass plant is located 10 kilometers from the municipality’s urban center, and it will cover a total area of 200,000 square meters, with over half dedicated to storage. The commencement of production is expected in the second half of 2025 and will reach 376GWh/year, avoiding the emission of more than 165,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

This biomass plant’s construction, operation and maintenance was awarded to ACCIONA Energía by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge in the third auction for the renewable energy economic regime, which guarantees a sale price for the electricity produced by the plant for 20 years.

The annual consumption of the plant is estimated at 261,000 metric tons per year of agricultural and forestry biomass, mainly from the surrounding area. The plant will boost the region's economy, while at the same time contributing to the prevention of fires by encouraging the cleaning and clearing of forests and pastures. In addition, the biomass plant will generate around 1,400 direct, indirect and induced jobs during its life cycle.

The project also encompasses plans to support the preservation and regeneration of the flora and fauna of the area, as well as a social impact management program in the surroundings of the plant. Some of the activities to be carried out include a training program to promote the hiring of local personnel, advice and qualification for the agricultural and livestock sector in the area, and an entrepreneurship project aimed at supplying material for the plant.