• Sponsored by the Engineering & Construction and Supply Chain departments, this year’s prize has been awarded to the companies STI Norland and SABER Power.

STI Norland (Spain) and SABER Power (USA) have won the Best Product Supplier and Best Service Provider prizes respectively in the second edition of the awards granted by the Engineering & Construction and Supply Chain departments of ACCIONA’s Energy Division. These prizes highlight the commitment and continuous improvement shown by suppliers through recognition of their contribution to the excellence of the projects they participate in.

The nominees for the awards -28 companies from different countries- were selected by a vote by ACCIONA employees involved in the projects in question. Following this selection, the prize-winners were decided by the management of the two departments.

STI Norland, a supplier of support structures for photovoltaic plants, was recognised for the competitiveness of the products supplied and the adaptability of its projects to the conditions on the ground, and for its ongoing efforts to optimise its product according to ACCIONA’s needs.

For its part, SABER’s strong compliance with the timescale was recognised, as well as its active search for solutions to the challenges that emerged in the construction of the La Chalupa wind farm in Texas (USA).

Certain requirements had to be fulfilled to be selected, such as reaching a minimum limit in the number of orders placed, that the order should be completed -and preferably evaluated- in the year referred to in the call for tender (in this case, 2020), and that the company should have received the grading by the persons responsible for closing each order.

Photo caption (from left to right): Javier Coloma, CEO STI Norland; Joaquín Ancín, Engineering & Construction Director ACCIONA's Energy Division; Xabier Blanco, Chairman of STI Norland; Antonio Ferreiro, Supply Chain Director, ACCIONA's Energy Division.