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ACCIONA has organized in the last 8 years a Corporate volunteer days, in which more than 4,500 employees became teachers for a day, leading workshops on sustainability for children aged 6 to 10, teaching over 75,000 schoolchildren in 23 countries.

Volunteer Day 2018
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VOLUNTEERS in (previously ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation)

ACCIONA Employees volunteer in Peru
watch video (previously ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation) offers a unique opportunity for the employees of ACCIONA to learn first hand the reality of our world and participate in the projects developed by in the region of Cajamarca, Peru, and Oaxaca, Mexico. More than 180 corporate volunteers of ACCIONA have dedicated in an altruistic way their time, knowledge and experience to make possible the initiatives of cooperation for development and fight against poverty in isolated rural areas of Peru and Mexico.


In the seven editions of the campaign Shall We donate?", ACCIONA employees have donated a total of more than 23 tons of food, about 400 boxes of toys and has enjoyed the participation of more than 460 volunteers. ACCIONA made a donation equal to the amount donated by the employees.

Exit Foundation

In 2018, 9 volunteers from ACCIONA took part in the Coach project, an initiative led by the Exit Foundation, whose aim is to improve the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion aged 16 to 19, by means of coaching and mentoring activities.

Princesa de Girona Foundation

Within the framework of the "Rescatadores de Talento" (Rescuers of Talent) programme, 40 managers and directors acted as mentors for university graduates with disadvantaged backgrounds. ACCIONA also made T-MAX online training resources available to these young people, with 70 students benefiting from this activity.

Inspiring Girls

5 female ACCIONA volunteers explained their professions to 38 female primary school students with the aim of promoting gender equality. The Foundation also gave the company its Inspiring Company award.


40 volunteers helped women at risk of social exclusion to improve their curricula vitae as part of a specific initiative focusing on job insertion for individuals in situations of social exclusion and with disabilities. In 2018, the company was awarded by the Foundation for its contribution to the volunteering programmes.

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