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Climate change


In 2018 ACCIONA avoided the emission to the atmosphere of  14,7 million tonnes of CO2 thanks to generating energy solely from renewable sources.

ACCIONA assumes the mitigation of climate change as a strategic objective. In coherence, it compromises its investment capacity and assumes the carbon neutrality of its operations, promoting energy efficiency and offsetting its emissions through the purchase of CO₂ rights from renewable facilities in developing countries.

ACCIONA considers that fighting against the effects of global warming is a strategic priority, and therefore its activities are based on a portfolio of low-carbon businesses, that reduce or lessen the negative effects of climate change, reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, promote energy efficiency, answer the world demand for renewable energy, sustainable infrastructures, water and services, as well as developing and promoting innovating programs in its Businesses.

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Emissions avoided (millions of tCO2)

Avoided emissions

Risks associated with climate change

The management of risks associated with climate change is integrated into the environmental risk management strategy of the company and its businesses, and is carried out through the application of a methodology, which identify, value, prioritize and communicate to ACCIONA's decision-making bodies, the potential events in relation to climate change that could impact the group and its centers, so that action policies and tolerance thresholds  which provide reasonable assurance to the achievement of objectives are established. The methodology used is used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


Opportunities of climate change

The company helps offset the use of fossil energy in the national electricity mixes, thereby successfully avoiding all CO₂ emissions associated with them through its electricity generation activity based exclusively on renewable energy. In the same way, ACCIONA provides solutions for energy efficiency, both in its own business and for its customers, successfully optimising consumption patterns in which CO2 emissions are reduced.



100% of the electrical energy supplied by ACCIONA is generated without emitting carbon. For this reason, the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) has given it a "Level A" in CO2 emissions, equivalent to zero emissions.


The company has a strategic objective to 2020 integrated into its Sustainability Master Plan consisting in the development of energy efficiency measures aimed at reducing energy consumption

Clean development mechanisms

ACCIONA actively participates in the implementation of projects associated with the fight against climate change in developing and emerging countries, supporting the transfer to clean technologies through Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs)


ACCIONA reduce its emissions by carrying out initiatives within the company and its stakeholders

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