ACCIONA, through BESTINVER, offers asset management and capital markets services that channel savings and investments to companies, generating returns for investors.

The global agenda for sustainable development and the decarbonisation of the economy demand an unprecedented volume of investment. ACCIONA has the capacity to mobilise investment in the new low-carbon sector, where it can be considered the world leader.

Investments of USD 5 billion to USD 7 billion per year are required to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, according to the United Nations. Infrastructure development, which directly compromises the achievement of at least 72 % of the 2030 Agenda's sustainable development goals, requires an investment of more than 7.6 % of global GDP per year between 2015 and 2030.

At present, annual infrastructure investment accounts for 5.5 % of global GDP per year. We need to eliminate the 2.1 % gap in GDP to ensure sustainable development.

Financial solutions

BESTINVER, the leading independent fund manager in Spain, embraces the philosophy of long-term profitability and investment based on value and a qualified investment team. The company aims to create solutions that respond to current needs without compromising future generations. It articulates this with rigorous risk control by investing value in equity and fixed income.

BESTINVER grows its investment fund portfolio in accordance with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, in line with the most demanding sustainable management principles.

For a better planet

Create value today to create it tomorrow

Over 35 years ago, BESTINVER was born as a small financial unit dedicated to the active management of family wealth. Today, BESTINVER has 46,000 investors and 6,5 billion euros under management.

  • Qualified team with extensive financial knowledge
  • Established reputation in the market
  • Unique investment shared by managers and investors
  • Adequate risk management
  • Long-term vision

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