Population equivalent

Temuco, Angol and Villarica Waste Water Treatment Plants

General Information

  • Entity: Aguas de Araucania IX Region
  • Location: Town of Temuco, Chile
  • Population: 443,722 eq/inhab
  • Flow: 158,232 m3/day

Key points

Water Line

  • Pre-treatment (3 lines)
  • Coarse solids well
  • Coarse-fine solids breakdown, sand/silt trap-grease trap, raw water lifting
  • Physical-chemical treatment. 1st settling (3 lines, disinfection: chlorination and dechlorination)

Sludge line

  • Gravity thickening
  • 1st sludge storage and thickening
  • Conditioning and dehydration
  • Anaerobic sludge digestion
  • Gas system: gasometer and flare

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