Crossing the Danubio

A road and rail border crossing point in the Pan-European IV Corridor.

The Vidin-Calafat bridge is the second cross-border road and rail bridge over the Danube in the more than 400 Km of river border between Bulgaria and Rumania.


The bridge is 1791m long and 32m wide. In a single structure, it has 1 rail line, 4 lanes for vehicles, 1 bike lane and 2 sidewalks for pedestrians. The foundations of the bridge consist of 13 km of piles of up to 2 m diameter and a depth of 80 m.


In the first year 508,294 vehicles crossed the bridge, exceeding initial forecasts by 100,000 vehicles/year.

ACCIONA, through it's Ingeniería activity area participated in a number of the phases of the project, including the preliminary design of the main bridge and its access roads, the construction project for the access roads, the preparation of the documentation for tendering under the 4 contracts according to the FIDIC framework, consultancy on the assessment of bids received, and technical, contractual and legal advice to the PIMU (Project Implementative and Management Unit).

In 2014 ACCIONA was awarded the Prize for the best project abroad from the Madrid section of the Association of Civil Engineers.

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