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Two desalination plants in Cape Verde islands

The consortium ACCIONA, 59%, and the local company Sade, in a 41%, it has been awarded the construction and commissioning of two desalination plants in two Cape Verde islands: Praia SWRO and San Vicente SWRO. The plants will supply more tan 50,000 people.

Praia SWRO, with a capacity of 5,000 m3/d. It will supply to the tourist complex of the area, 10,000 inhabitants.

San Vicente SWRO, with a capacity of 20,000 m3/d. It will supply the entire island (40,000 inhabitants), is the second largest SWRO in Cape Verde.

General Information

  • Project: Cape Verde Desalination Plant: San Vicente and Praia
  • Awarded companies: ACCIONA - Sade
  • Location: Cape Verde
  • Total capacity: 25,000 m3/day in total
  • Population equivalent: 50,000 inhabitants

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