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San Gabriel Wind Farm

Both wind farms will meet the power demand of more than 400,000 Chilean homes

ACCIONA has carried out two wind projects in the region of La Araucania (Chile), totaling 267 MW of combined capacity.


In late 2019, the company put the San Gabriel Wind Farm into service. ACCIONA owns and operates this 183-megawatt (MW) facility which will produce emission-free electricity equivalent to the consumption of over 270,000 Chilean homes.


The installation of San Gabriel has meant the creation of around 510 jobs on average during the construction period, and another 15 permanent jobs for the operation and maintenance of the wind farm, plus the knock-on effect on the economic development of the region.


Additionally, the company has built the Tolpan Sur Wind Farm in the same municipality. It features 28 wind turbines similar to those installed in San Gabriel WF, totaling 84 MW which meet the power demand of nearly 137,000 homes.


  • Location: Comuna de Renaico, Araucania. Chile.
  • Capacity San Gabriel: 183 MW.
  • Tolpan Sur: 84 MW.Wind turbines61+28 ACCIONA Windpower AW132/3000.
  • Tower: Concrete, 120 m at hub height.
  • Start up: 2019-2020.
  • Owner: ACCIONA.


  • San Gabriel will be the largest ACCIONA's wind power facility in Chile.
  • Both wind farms will produce clean energy for some 407,000 homes.
  • They will avoid the emission of 949,000 tonnes of CO2 from coal-fired powe stations annually.
  • Up to 1,000 jobs created on the construction phase and 25 permanent jobs for O&M.
  • Concrete towers manufatured on-site, increasing local value creation and reducing transport.
  • Located at the municipality of Renaico, around 550 km south of Santiago de Chile.
  • Frequent contact with the community and participation in community promotion initiatives.

Key figures


megawatts (MW)


households supplied


wind turbines of 3 MW nominal unit capacity


of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere avoided


created during construction

Technology and innovation


We provide our customers with real-time traceability of energy from our renewable generation plants and storage systems to their points of consumption. This information is not only integrated in an interface that our customers can use to visualize or download the data or display dynamically in their facilities as a marketing tool, but it is also recorded in blockchain to increase transparency.  The I'MNOVATION Startups program was the umbrella under which the first pilot for this solution was developed.


Turbine for life

Project that contributes to increasing the useful life of wind turbines, to knowing the state of the fleet and to detecting abnormal behaviour in order to optimise the management and the costs of operation and maintenance of the assets. For the analysis of the remaining life of the structural components, work is being done on developing physical models. To predict failures in Acciona's wind turbine fleet, work is being done along two lines: the development of WindBrain® to detect abnormal behaviour, and the use of Machine Learning to identify failure patterns in wind components.

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