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The NIMBI project aims to demonstrate an integrated nitrogen recovery process integrated with organic matter removal and biogas enrichment, based on bioelectrochemical technology.

Currently, nitrogen (N) removal in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) accounts for 20% of their energy consumption. The NIMBI process will help to reduce this energy consumption and the associated carbon footprint, mainly related to the aeration used for the oxidation of organic matter and the nitrogen load. Furthermore, the cell will allow the methane enrichment of the biogas stream obtained from anaerobic digestion. Finally, an ammonium-rich stream will be generated that can be valorised in the form of fertilizer, promoting a new line of business for the sector and increasing the circularity of the water market.

As part of the project, a pilot plant will be designed and built to validate the NIMBI technology, which will be installed for 12 months at a WWTP operated by ACCIONA.  

NIMBI is a project coordinated by ACCIONA, Water business, in collaboration with the Bioelectrochemical Technologies Area of LEITAT, Technological Center of Excellence, expert in developing these technologies for different applications such as waste/polluted water treatment, nutrient recovery and fuel production.

The NIMBI project (Code: CPP-2022-009665), is one of the Public-Private Partnership 2022 projects funded by MCIU/ AEI / 10.13039/501100011033 / FEDER, EU.

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