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Clean development

Located in Almendralejo (Badajoz province) with a capacity of 125 MWp, the complex entered service in January 2023

The Extremadura I-II-III photovoltaic project consists of the installation of three latest-generation solar plants to transform the sun’s rays into clean energy equivalent to the consumption of 65,138 homes, without contributing to climate change and protecting the environment as much as possible.

Construction work on the future solar complex began in November 2021 and it entered service in January 2023. It consists of a total of 234,640 photovoltaic modules of 540 watts each in Extremadura I and 535 watts in Extremadura II and III which will produce around 257 GWh of clean electricity per year.

The construction of Extremadura I-II-III will give rise to property tax income that will have a knock-on effect in the form of benefits for the local community. ACCIONA Energía also undertakes to invest a percentage of the revenue earned in social projects; this will be decided after evaluating the needs of the area following consultation with local authorities.

The construction of the complex will mean around 393 jobs, with 5 permanent posts being created in the operational phase.



  • Location: Almendralejo (Badajoz)
  • Peak power: 125 MWp
  • Technology: photovoltaic solar on single-axis tracker
  • Entry into service: January 2023
  • Ownership: ACCIONA Energía


  • Latest-generation infrastructure that promotes advanced activities in rural areas.
  • Average annual production estimated at 257 GWh, equivalent to the consumption of around 65,000 homes.
  • Around 112,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere avoided every year.
  • Creation of around 400 new jobs (393 in the construction phase and 5 in operation).
  • Programme of investments in projects of a social nature in the area.
  • Preventive and corrective measures to minimize the environmental impact.

Key figures


megawatt peak (MWP) of total capacity


homes equivalent production


Photovoltaic modules


tonnes of CO2 avoided per year


hectares surface area



environmental measures

The project location is the result of rigorous environmental studies aimed at reducing the impact on the surroundings, flora, fauna and existing archaeological elements as much as possible.

Preventive and corrective measures on impacts on plants and animals will be applied, such as:

  • Marking of holm oak trees.
  • Protected flora reserve (3 hectares).
  • Creation of double fencing to create a plant barrier with local species.
  • Marking of steppic and predatory bird species.
  • Reserve for steppic birds (50 hectares).
  • Annual study of waterfowl.
  • Supplementary feeding.
  • Nest boxes.
  • Perches for birds of prey.
  • Shelter for insects and reptiles.
  • Marking of archaeological sites.
  • Excavation of archaeological sites not affected by the project.

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