• The budget for the project is 102 million US dollars (around 92 million euros) 

ACCIONA has begun construction work on the San Fernando complex in Trinidad & Tobago, which includes a Wastewater Treatment Plan (WWTP) and a network of sewerage piping in the city, the second largest in the country. Environment and Water Resources Minister of Trinidad & Tobago Ganga Singh and authorities from the country’s Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), among others, together with Julio Zorrilla, Construction Director of ACCIONA Agua in the USA, Australia and Latin America, attended the ceremony to lay the first stone of a project that will run for around three years. Its budget is 102 million US dollars (around 92 million euros).

ACCIONA Agua (70%) - in a joint venture with the Atlatec Group (30%) - will carry out the design, construction and entry into service of the WWTP, plus its operation and maintenance for one year. The plant, with a treatment capacity of 45 million liters per day, will provide a service to 111,600 residents. The facility will also be connected to 16.3 kilometers of sewerage pipes, of which 12.5 will be made by the micro-tunneling technique, with 98 service connections and a pumping station.

The project, financed through the Inter-American Development Bank, is ACCIONA Agua’s first contract in Trinidad & Tobago, located north-east of Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. ACCIONA Agua already has around twelve WWTPs in Latin America: in Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Chile and Colombia, and three desalination plants in Chile, Venezuela and Peru. ACCIONA Agua is also working with Atlatec on the Atotonilco project, the biggest wastewater treatment plant in the world, currently under construction in Mexico. 

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