• ACCIONA Canada realizes Sustainability Master Plan 2025 commitment to carbon reduction and reforestation in B.C.

ACCIONA is acting on its commitment to regenerate the planet by planting 20,000 trees in British Columbia in celebration of 20 years building sustainable infrastructure in Canada.

The company commissioned Flash Forest – a Canadian start-up using drone technology to automate reforestation – to plant 20,000 native trees including Douglas-fir, Hybrid Spruce, Western Larch and Lodgepole Pine in natural disaster-affected areas of the province.

Using innovative drone technology enabled ACCIONA to plant seeds across more than 30 hectares of forest, and up to 10 times faster than traditional planting techniques.

“ACCIONA is fully-committed to investing in and regenerating our planet,” said Director of Quality, Health and Safety, Environmental and Sustainability for ACCIONA North America, Caroline Miwa.

“‘Planet Positive’ is one of the four pillars underpinning ACCIONA’s Sustainability Master Plan 2025. Supporting the regeneration of impacted forests in B.C. contributes to our global organizational goal of planting and monitoring the growth of one million trees within five years.”

The company achieved carbon neutrality in 2016 and has ambitious carbon reduction targets across its portfolio that aim beyond net-zero.

“Our nature-based solutions approach in B.C. brings us one step closer to neutralizing ACCIONA's carbon footprint by 2025 and contributes to the Canada-wide goal of net-zero emissions by 2050,” said Ms. Miwa.

Flash Forest is continuing to monitor germination success over consecutive seasons to determine if further planting is required.

ACCIONA has been driving sustainable infrastructure solutions forward in Canada since 2001 and is currently building some of B.C.’s largest transportation and clean energy projects.