Set on making sustainability a must

ACCIONA works to transfer its commitment to sustainability throughout its supply chain and between its clients through specific activities. The purpose is to harness longlasting relations of mutual support that generate value throughout the organization.

To achieve this, we focus on two main points:

  • Our supply chain: We introduce ethical, environmental and social questions into the company´s supply chain management.

  • Our quality management model: we are actively commited to sustainability, incorporating criteria of sustainability and profitability into its processes.


Responsible Management of our supply chain

ACCIONA conveys its commitment to Sustainability to the whole supply chain, in any of the relations and communications it establishes.

With the aim of identifying, mitigating and managing
risk, ACCIONA has an internal risk management mechanism that is essentially structured over three elements:

  • The Risk Map, a tool for controlling the supply chain thatsupports decision-making criteria for procurement and the identification of potential areas for improvement in suppliers.

  • The PROCUR-e platform, an electronic procurement tool that supports management of the supply chain through a Supplier Portal and a Bidding Tool.

  • The Procedure for Supplier Qualification and Evaluation, an integral, objective process where a full analysis is performed on the supplier, thereby minimising the risks, recognised for the supplier and infrastructure, such as corporate responsibility (CR) position, solvency or legal position, amongst others.

Supply chain

Ethical principles for suppliers, contractors and partners, and ethics channel

ACCIONA sees the dissemination of the company's Ethical Principles to its supply chain as key to consolidating a network of suppliers, contractors and collaborators that is consistent with corporate values.

These principles cover aspects of transparency and ethics, human and social rights, health and safety, and quality and the environment.

During 2022, work was carried out to update the chapter on Human and Social Rights of the Ethical Principles for Suppliers, Contractors and Collaborators in order to align them with the commitments acquired by ACCIONA in the new Human Rights Policy.

Ethics clauses in orders, contracts, and bid terms of reference

In 2022, ACCIONA reviewed the ethics clauses that it includes in all orders, contracts, and bid terms of reference in order to ensure that they specifically refer to its Ethical Principles for Suppliers, Contractors, and Partners.

These clauses include in addition , its commitment to the Principles of the Global Compactthe Law of Effective Equality of Women and Menthe integration of the differently-abled clause, and those related to the Ethics Channel, confidentiality, the law on protection of private data, and innovation in procurement

No Go Suppliers

Non-compliance with the minimum requirements set out in the No Go Policies means that a supplier cannot be contracted until the reasons for this status are resolved. ACCIONA has met the 2021 target of 0% general purchase orders from companies with this status.

165 suppliers were considered No Go in 2021, 41 of which have been removed from this category following audit, action or improvement plans, or Enhanced Due Diligence.

Training for suppliers

Following the 2011 launch of the Suppliers Campus at ACCIONA's Corporate University, the Training Pack was completed in 2012, with a total of five online courses designed specifically for suppliers, in order to give them training on the main issues related to sustainability. These courses are: CR and Sustainability in the Supply Chain (available in Spanish, English, and Polish), Equality and Prevention of Discrimination, OHS in the Supply Chain, Disabilities and Code of Conduct.

Integration of ESG principles into the procurement process

In order to identify sustainable procurement, ACCIONA has developed the “Sustainable Procurement Guide”. Since 2016, the indicators for its identification have been implemented, both in PROCUR-e and in the main management systems.

Below is ACCIONA's sustainable purchasing guide, which specifies the purchasing criteria.