ACCIONA is participating in United Nations Global Compact since 2005 (Participant member). Every year, it confirms its commitment to the ten principles of the Global Compact, based on respect for human and labour rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption, and focused on achieving the objectives of sustainable development.


ACCIONA is part of the initiative Caring for Climate, a joint initiative of the Global Compact and the United Nations United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which was created to enhance the role of business in the global strategy against climate change and educate governments and public institutions to mitigate it (Signatory letter.) In September 2019, ACCIONA signed up to the Business Ambition for 1.5°C: Our Only Future manifesto, pledging to limit the planet's temperature rise to 1.5°C and to achieve 'zero emissions' by 2050.

In 2021, ACIONA’s chairman participated in the High-Level Meeting of Caring for Climate summit, this year’s edition of which focused on achieving the goal of zero emissions. In his speech he also shared his vision of the results of the summit as well as the challenges.

Likewise, in 2021, ACCIONA has maintained its participation in the initiative Women Empowerment Principles initiative, led by the Global Compact, to promote gender equality in business. The project has the support of more than 3,000 CEOs, and is based on 7 principles that guide companies in the empowerment of women and the advancement of gender equality in the workplace and the business world. ACCIONA has also joined the Global Compact's Target Gender Equality initiative.

Finally, ACCIONA actively participates in the Spanish and Chilean Network of the Global Compact with a large number of initiatives led by both organizations. In 2021, also collaborated with the German network, participating in the Traceability in global supply and contracting chains programme.

Other initiatives we support