Virtual visits to renewable energy facilities

Make a virtual visit to our most notable plants remotely and in complete safety

Our renewables, just one click away

In ACCIONA we are committed to digitalization as a communication tool. One example of this is a program that makes our renewable energy plants virtual in immersive formats.

In this virtual visits portal, we will show you our plants and how we produce and manage clean, renewable energy. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy an unusual virtual experience, and to see, in a different way, how we work in ACCIONA every day to promote the sustainable development of our planet.

    Our selected tours

    Benban PV complex 360º video tour

    Get to know our three photovoltaic plants in Aswan (Egypt)

    360º video tour of the El Perdón Wind Farm

    Go up one of the wind turbines in El Perdón,  the company’s first commercial wind farm in Spain, in perfect working order since 1994.

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